Big Ed’s Pizza at a Glance COST:  $$$ SERVICE: **  FOOD:  ***  ATMOSPHERE: **  STYLE:  Casual  BASE:  Local Restaurant  HOURS:  Mon - Sat:  11:00 am - 11:30 pm   RATING: **                            ***1/2 HEALTH INSPECTION RATING:  87  (12/05/2011)   Official Website:   Not Available   101 Broadway Avenue, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 865-482-4885  
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COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Beer Available. This page last updated 10/01/2011 Pizza  Served true Italian style with all-natural ingredients.  Available in a 10", 12" and 14" size. Cheese   7.56 10.66 14.03 Cheese and One Item   8.61 12.03 15.76   Cheese and Two Items   9.66 13.40 17.49 Cheese and Three Items 10.71 14.77 19.22 Cheese and Four Items 11.76 16.14 20.95 Cheese and Five Items 12.81 17.51 22.68 Each Additional Item   1.05   1.37   1.73 Toppings: Mushrooms Sausage Onions Ham Green Peppers Pepperoni Black Olives Hamburger Green Olives Anchovies Pepperoncinis Proscuitto Soft Drinks  Small  .73 Medium  1.00 Large  1.28 Pitcher 3.37 Coca-Cola Diet Coke Coke Zero Cherry Coke Sprite Dr. Pepper Diet Dr. Pepper Mello-Yello Root Beer Lemonade Blue Powerade Hi-C Splash Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweet) Beer Mug  2.20 Pitcher 11.00 Yuengling Michelob Ultra Amber Boch Fat Tire  (add $0,30/$1.50)   RETURN TO KNOXVILLE DINING           Big Ed’s may be our most controversial reviewed restaurant on the site.  There are a large amount of heart felt fans of Big Ed, because of his contribution to Oak Ridge, the kids, the students and the families that so adored Big Ed.  The legend passed in 1998 and the restaurant was passed on to family members which continue to operate the business today.  All of our reviews fall on the family and not Mr. Ed.  Whether a tradition was passed on or not our reviews stick with our experience, not our hearts.  It is hard to find a great pizza in East Tennessee, all are chain produced and none are really authentic.  At Big Ed’s, we found the place to be loud, crowded and never service oriented..... as a matter-of-fact, service is not part of the deal.  You are given cheap Dixie-style paper plates, the cheapest of forks, the cheapest of napkins, and finally the raw greasy pizza that is quite passable in any manner.  Have you been to Dick’s Last Resort?  But this restaurant is a cult favorite, gosh Big Ed must have been great, too bad he isn’t here now.  Setting it all out, the pizza prices are pricey, so pricey that you should be given dishes to eat off of and at the least an aluminum fork and knife to eat with.  The dough is made fresh daily but it isn’t, at least during our visits, thoroughly cooked daily.  We receive comments either 100% for the best pizza or 100% against the best pizza in East Tennessee.  There is no middle ground about who likes or dislikes Big Ed’s Pizza.  The sides are drawn.   Therefore, it is your decision, visit the restaurant and draw your own conclusions.  KDAAG is at a 50/50 draw, our 50% is knowing that our experiences were all negative, but we feel a little guilt knowing that the other 50% is against our reviews.