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Search Knoxville Dining at a Glance COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Bar Service is not available. This page last updated 02/02/2013 DINNERS All Buddy’s Bar-B-Q dinners are served with hushpuppies or on a bun and your choice of two side dishes: Corn on the Cob, Baked Beans, French Fries,  Potato Salad, Fresh Cole Slaw, Mac and Cheese or Green Beans. Prices are subject to change and may vary by each location. Pork 5.99 Chicken (1/2 chicken) 5.99 Ham 5.99 Beef 5.99 Ribs (1/2 pound) 8.49 Turkey 5.99 Combination Dinner Chopped pork, 1/4 chicken & ribs. 9.59 SIDE DISHES Baked Beans 1.39 Cole Slaw 1.39 Potato Salad 1.39 Corn on the Cob 1.69 Fries Regular or Large Size  1.39/1.49 Hushpuppies 0.99 Pickles 0.89 Chili 2.69 Potato Chips 1.19 Green Beans 1.39 Onion Rings 1.79 Mac N Cheese 1.49 DESSERTS Hot Fudge Cake Fresh baked Devils Food Cake, soft serve ice cream in the middle and on top with delicious hot fudge!! 1.99 Hot Fudge Cake Junior Half-size of our famous hot fudge cake. 1.39 Hot Fudge Sundae 1.49 Soft Serve Ice Cream Served in a cone or bowl. 1.19 LaMuriel’s Lemon Ice Box Pie Served by the slice or available as a whole pie. 1.89 / 12.09 Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie 1 cookie.  Each additional cookie $0.30 0.79
SANDWICHES Try your favorite Buddy’s Bar-B-Q sandwich with:   Slaw $.39 extra,  Cheese $.39 extra (Swiss, American or Cheddar)  Our sandwiches are available in a regular or large size.  Add Slaw: $.49 Add Cheese: $.49 (Swiss, American or Cheddar) Pork 2.99/3.69 Chicken 2.99/3.69 Ham 2.99/3.69 Beef 2.99/3.69 Turkey Served cold with lettuce, tomato & Lite Mayonnaise (only 4 grams of fat). 2.99/3.69 Smoky Dawg Jumbo all meat hot dog smoked and topped with our famous chili, mustard and onion. 2.09 HAWG BACK POTATOES Large Hawg of a Baked Potato stuffed like you like it! Hawg Back with Meat & Cheese 4.59 Hawg Back with Chili & Cheese 4.59 Hawg Back with Butter & Sour Cream 4.39 TUESDAY AFTER FIVE SPECIAL Served every Tuesday after 5PM. Bar-B-Q Dinner w/Drink Choose from our BBQ pork, beef, or chicken served with two regular sides and a 16oz. drink. 5.00 SPECIAL FEATURES Smoky Wings Our soon to be famous smoked wings are available in three sizes. 8/16/24  Larger orders can be accomodated. 5.99 / 11.59 / 16.99 KIDS MENU Lil Buddy Piggy Pack Child’s size sandwich of choice served with a small order of fries and a child’s drink.  Served with a surprise. 3.09 Beverages Soda Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Mello Yello, Lemonade & Iced Tea (sweet & un-sweetened) 1.59 / 1.69 / 1.79 IRC Root Beer 1.79 Milk 1.09 Coffee 1.09 Bottled Water 1.29 Old Fashioned Milk Shake Available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.  Regular or Large sizes. 2.19 / 2.69 8401 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 865-691-0088    99  (11/14/2012) 5806 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 865-588-0528    98  (12/07/2012) 3700 E. Magnolia Ave., Knoxville, TN 865-523-3550    84  (01/31/2013) 4401 Chapman Hwy., Knoxville, TN 865-579-1747    97  (09/19/2012) 121 West End Avenue, Knoxville, TN 865-675-4366    95  (09/12/2012) 4500 N. Broadway, Knoxville, TN 865-687-2959    96  (11/26/2012) 4030 Alcoa Hwy., Alcoa, TN 865-681-7472    NOT AVAILABLE 404 East Emory Rd., Powell, TN 865-947-1953    NOT AVAILABLE 531 Foothills Drive, Maryville, TN  865-984-4475    98  (12/27/2012) 328 S IIllinois Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN  865-481-8102    97  (10/23/2012) 1104 Highway 321 North, Lenoir City, TN  865-986-5110    NOT AVAILABLE       http://www.buddysbarbq.com/ Buddy's Bar-B-Q is an Eastern Tennessee chain that was developed with its first location in West Knoxville in 1972.  The restaurant serves some of the best BBQ in East Tennessee.  Readers of the Knoxville News-Sentinel have voted Buddy's "The Best of Knoxville."  Selected Buddy's Franchise locations also serve a hickory-smoked breakfast for a down home taste.  Breakfast is complete with biscuits, sausage, ham, bacon, and their own tater rounds.      On the main menu, you will also find shredded smoked pork, sliced beef, whole boneless chicken, ribs, smokie dawgs, baked potatoes, and Buddy's famous hush puppies.  While dining-in, you may be offered fresh hush-puppies at your table.  Buddy’s now offers their soon to be famous smoked chicken wings.  Most of the locations are clean with a casual atmosphere and service is generally good.   Be sure to cap your meal with Buddy's famous Hot Fudge Cake.  Since the distant down turn in the economy, Buddy’s Family Owned locations have switched from the industry standard ketchup (HEINZ) to less popular brands.  Buddy’s serves some of the best fries in town and its just a shame to have bad ketchup on them.      The Bearden location is the Flagship Restaurant as well as headquarters to the Buddy’s brand.  Also located next door to the Bearden location, you will find Bearden Banquet Hall which offers a variety of catering and party hosting options, generally top-notch service.  Buddy’s is a family business and generally tries to treat their customers the same as family.  Buddy’s catering services are reasonable and quality driven.