Cafe Pita at a Glance COST:  N/A SERVICE:  N/A FOOD:  N/A ATMOSPHERE:  N/A STYLE:  Casual Dining BASE:  Local Restaurant HOURS:  Mon - Thu  11:00 AM to 8:00 PM;  Fri & Sat 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM; Sun 12 - 8PM RATING: N/A                              N/A HEALTH INSPECTION RATING:   N/A Official Website:
Menu h RETURN TO KNOXVILLE DINING COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. Menu and Prices are subject to change. This page last updated 01/29/2012 2121 Cumberland Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee 865-633-9696             Breakfast Pitas Wake 'n' Bac 'n' Scrambled eggs topped with hickory-smoked bacon slices served on Greek Flatbread. 6.25 Cock 'a' Doodle Doo Grilled chicken breast with scrambled eggs and grilled mushrooms and onions. 6.95 Great Eggs 'n' Ham A classic, with Black Forest Ham and scrambled eggs. 6.25 Specialty Pitas I Dream of Felafel Felafel, that wondrous Mediterranean delight, baked in-house and served with your choice of toppings on either Greek Flatbread or as a Burger on a Kaiser roll. 6.50 Great Garbanzo Beans Flavorful chickpea spread, full of garlic, citrus and cilantro, served with your choice of toppings on Greek Flatbread. 6.50 It Ain't Easy (Bein' Cheesy) Your choice of cheese, Swiss, Feta or Cheddar, served on Greek Flatbread with your choice of toppings. 6.00 Garden Veggie Vegetarian's Delight. Your choice of vegetables, served cold or warm, on Greek Flatbread with your choice of toppings. 5.50 Pitaza (Pita Pizza) You read that right – a Flatbread pizza, with marinara sauce, provolone cheese and your choice of veggies.  Add meat for $1.00. 6.95 Meat Pitas Mediterranean Gyro Gyro meat, a perfectly seasoned blend of beef and lamb, served with your choice of toppings on warm Greek Flatbread. 6.95 Et Tu Brute' Chicken Caesar - Grilled chicken breast, warm and delicious, paired with cold, crisp Romaine lettuce and creamy Caesar dressing, plus toppings of your choice, on Greek Flatbread. 6.95 The Famous Club Imagine ham, turkey and Swiss cheese, warm and toasty, served on Greek Flatbread with your choice of toppings. 6.95 Are You Talkin' To Me? The world-famous Philly Cheese Steak, with Swiss or Cheddar cheese, grilled onions and green peppers, and your choice of toppings, served warm on Greek Flatbread. 6.95 Grilled Chicken Breast Grilled chicken breast, moist and yummy, grilled with our Secret Sauce, plus toppings of your choice, on Greek Flatbread. 6.95 Black Forest Delight Smoky, Black Forest Ham, on warm Greek Flatbread, served with your choice of toppings. 6.95 Gobble This Delightful smoked turkey breast, grilled and served with your choice of toppings, on Greek Flatbread. 6.95 Smoothies All our smoothies feature vanilla yogurt and fresh or fresh frozen fruit.  If sweetened, we use honey.  No artificial ingredients find their way here.  Smoothies also available in larger sizes !!  1/2 gallon jug of smoothie - $9.99 or Full gallon - $17.99 3.29 Chai Tea Indian Spiced black tea and yogurt.  Tropical Fruit Strawberry, orange, mango. Cafe Mocha Coffee, lots of it. Tofu Strawberry Silken tofu and frozen strawberries. Super Mango Mango with Indian spices. Gone Bananas Bananas and strawberries. The King's Smoothie Peanut Butter and Nanners - Thank you, thank you very much.
Cafe Pita is a sister restaurant to the Wing Zone.  Both locations are located adjacent to each other and although the Wing Zone is a chain franchise, the Cafe Pita is a locally family operated business.  Being family means we are commited to serving our customers top quality service as well as top quality food. Cafe Pita