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COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Full Bar, Wine & Spirits Available Childrens Menu Available This page last updated 09/06/2011
       Despite three previous failed Knoxville Breweries on Gay Street in Downtown, the fourth generation brewery known as Downtown Grill & Brewery is still in operation.  Based on the Lunch Crew’s visits,  the lunch crowds are steady and service has dramatically improved.  The quality of the food has improved and the products served to customers have also improved.  Management has finally realized that quality is the key ingredient to success.....rather than the alcohol.        The menu has been updated and the brewery should be emphasized more as this restaurant is a great place to hang out after work for drinks and appetizers.  After three visits to the restaurant, the caliber of the food appears to be enhanced and the crowds continue to grow.  The food tends to grow in quality but every now and then lacks that special touch.  The afternoon, evening and weekend crowds are steady, which indicates the management is making changes to make this a destination during the week or during a football weekend.  During "the lunch crew's" previous visits, we have experienced the same things we experienced with the previous generations.  At times, service is just bad.  Order an appetizer and it arrives with the meal and that is a problem.  The appetizer is no longer needed.  Maybe its the staircase that causes the problem, we realize its hard to run up and down the stairs to deliver food.  But, all things aside things have improved from the previous years.  Management has also began to notice that brands matter.  The Generic Sysco Catsup has now been replaced and the quality of Heinz is now on the table for our fries.    So management recognizes the necessity to please the customer and it is evident in the service.           On our visits, we ordered a variety of items to include the "Market Square" Burro.  The burrito itself was rather palatable but the two side items, refried beans and rice, could have been left off the plate.  The rice was not of the Mexican variety, therefore it was a little out of place.  The refried beans were a flavorless pile of mush that was apparently removed from a can and heated.  The Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich was consistent with what you might make at home.  Peppers, onions, store bought bun, cheese and sliced roast beef.  The fish sandwich appeared to be foodservice material too, no originality, greasy and freshly out of the oil vat.  In an effort to be fair, no items from the Dinner Menu or Dessert Menu were ordered.  It does appear from the menu that higher quality items may be available in the evening at much higher prices. (The review for these items are dated, new quality measures are evident.)         The Downtown Brewery & Grill has been a critical business in the redevelopment of Downtown Knoxville.  The current business is self-sustaining and has a major following.  Weekends can be busier than some weekdays.  The restaurant offers billiards and a relaxing and dining atmosphere for downtown residents as well as city visitors. Monday thru Friday 11am – 4pm Fancy Smancy Toppings - .40 each (per half pizza) - Mushrooms - Pepperoni - Sausge - Black Olives - Diced Mixed Peppers (Red & Green) - Onions - Extra Cheese - Extra Sauce - Pineapple   Appetizers Downtown Nachos The largest Nachos in town! This delicious mountain of chips is topped with refried beans, mixed cheese, lettuce, olives, jalapenos, tomatoes, and sour cream. Customize your nachos with Taco Beef add $1.50 with Grilled Chicken or Steak add $2.95 or add Guacamole for $1.00. 8.95 Shrimp Cocktail Eight delicious shrimp strategically placed around a chilled martini glass filled with our spicy cocktail sauce. The glass is garnished with a lemon to add a bit more zest! 8.95 Tender Chicken Strips A half pound of delicious battered chicken strips served on a hot 1/2 pound bed of french fries. 8.25 Hot Queso & Chips Our own special recipe combining cheese with, uh, some more cheese, a bit of pico de gallo and some other special, top secret, ingredients.  It's served with as many hot chips as you care to woof down. 5.95 Knoxville Wings Some say these are similar to Buffalo Wings, but since we live in Knoxville, we had to apply our own special recipe-notice the low population of pigeons in the area. Just kidding. We offer one or two of these JUMBO wings and fry them to perfection. We offer them in BBQ, Hot, or "Fire and Brimstone". We didn't want them to be lonely, so we serve them with a side of celery and bleu cheese. Brewer's Note: If you need to cool the temperature down, extinguish it with our White Mule Ale.  Available by the pound. 4.95 Jumbo Tater Skins We cut these fellows in half and layer them with mashed potatoes, mixed cheese and bacon and offer you a side of sour cream to top them off. However, if you really want to know why we call them taters, you have to top them off with our taco beef, mesquite grilled chicken or steak.  Add Taco beef $1.50 or add steak or chicken for $2.95. 6.95 Homemade Guacamole Dip We make our guacamole dip fresh each day for your taste bud enjoyment! We serve up a large of portion of this with our hot and fresh chips! 6.95 Chips & Homemade Salsa Our homemade salsa made fresh daily and served with an endless supply of chips. 3.95 Hongos Con Queso After we sauté up our Mexican veggies and mushrooms, "on goes" our mixed cheese, which we melt to perfection. We serve this with some warm tortillas for you to fill to your liking. If you desire, after the Mexican veggies "on goes" your choice of mesquite grilled steak or chicken, portabella mushroom, or grilled shrimp to make this appetizer a truly amazing dish for your palette.  add Chicken, Steak, or Portabella 2.95  add Shrimp 5.95 6.95 Cheese Wedges This is our original recipe which all other places have stolen and added to their menus. It's a disgrace I tell you. Actually, maybe we weren't the first but we happen to think they're a good idea. So, we added them to our menu with our OWN special marinara sauce for dipping! 6.95 Soft Pretzels Two large soft pretzels folded into intricate designs by semi-trained origami wannabes and sprinkled with salt. We serve this up with a delicious side of our signature pale beer cheese for dipping. 6.95 Quesadillas Our 10-inch tortilla, roughly the length from your elbow to wrist for average people (not you, Sasquatch), is filled with mixed cheeses, peppers and onions.  By the way, this now makes it a meal and not really an appetizer, unless you feel the need to share with those people across the room who keep staring at you. add Chicken, Steak, or Portabella 2.95  add Shrimp 5.95 7.50 Beer Battered Mushrooms These drunken "fun guys" stumbled into one of our baskets. So, we decided to batter them up and drop them into our drunk tank (a.k.a. fryer). We serve them up with a side of horseradish sauce for dipping. The only thing that would make them better is to wash them down with a Woodruff IPA or White Mule Ale. 6.95 Sampler Platter Okay, here's the deal. Instead of us creating a sampler platter that you're probably going to need to adjust for your picky date, we're going to let you create your own. If you look throughout the appetizer menu you will notice items marked with  (that's the five-pointed things, not the Hollywood variety) - or, a choice may be chicken strips. Anyway, you are able to pick 4 of these lovely items for your palette to enjoy. So, have fun and let us know what you want! We know you're probably going to want to know how many of each-don't worry, we'll fill you up! Or, you can ask that person known as your server-who should be arriving any sec… You can have a 1/2 quesadilla in place of one of the stars for only a dollar more! 9.95 Salads Dressings:  Ranch, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Fat-Free Italian, 1000 Island, French, Oil & Vinegar, House Greek Dressing, House Rasberry Vinegrette Big Cobb Salad A bed of iceberg lettuce mix and cover it with eggs, ham, turkey, olives, tomatoes, mixed cheese, onions, mushrooms, and your choice of dressing.  If you like, we'll throw on a piece of grilled chicken for an extra few dollars. 10.50 Mesquite Grilled Fajita Salad For those of you that didn't want the full fajita dish or are afraid of the sizzle they make, we offer them in a salad version. You get your choice of steak, chicken, or portabella. We lay these on top of a bed of romaine or iceberg lettuce mix, pico de gallo, mixed cheese, sour cream, red onions, Mexican veggies and black olives. add shrimp 3.95  add homemade guacamole 1.00 10.50 Grilled Chicken Salad You have choice of either an iceberg lettuce mix or a Caesar Salad bed. We top the iceberg lettuce with mixed cheese, diced tomatoes, olives, and eggs - with your choice of dressing. The Caesar Salad is tossed with diced onions, black olives, diced tomatoes and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Substitute grilled salmon add 3.95  Brewer's Note: Enjoy this with a light bodied ale, like the Downtown Blonde! 9.95 Black & Bleu Salad Once again, you have your choice of either an iceberg lettuce mix or a Caesar salad (see above). We top it with our grilled and sliced mesquite fajita steak, red onions, bleu cheese crumbles and mushrooms and accentuate it with some of our chunky bleu cheese dressing. 10.50 Tableside Greek Salad Made table side with grace and skill using the following: salad mix, Greek dressing, celery, kalamata olives, diced red onions, capers, pepperoncini, feta cheese, and a splash of lemon juice.  add this to a meal 4.99  in place of one side 3.99  in place of both sides 2.99 5.99 House / Caesar Salad A lovely way to receive your daily allotment of greens. We offer it in either a House or Caesar style. Let your taste buds be your guide.  add this to your meal 1.99 in place of one side 1.00  or in place of both sides FREE 2.99 Sandwiches All burgers can be prepared with a vegetarian patty. Grilled Angus Burger We offer you over a pound of food on this all American classic. It's a half-pound of ground beef cooked to your liking and served on a corn meal bun topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions (mustard and mayo upon request). We then dress it with another half-pound of golden brown potato sticks (french fries friend, french fries). For a nominal fee you can top this classic patty with either: 1 of our 8 different cheese choices, bacon, mushrooms, or any combination thereof. 7.95 Smothered Burger We start with our half-pound of ground Angus beef and cover it with our button mushrooms & onions, swiss cheese and enough bacon for this to be classified as a "pig in a blanket" type sandwich. Once again, this is served up with half-pound of french fries. 8.95 Santa Fe Burger We cover our half-pound Angus burger with barbecue sauce, red onions, both cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses and jalapenos. We provide a side of guacamole for spreading on your bun (not that one wise guy). Oh yeah, not that you'll need them, but we'll throw in the half-pound of fries. 8.95 "Philly" Sandwich We stuff our large hoagie roll with your choice of mesquite grilled chicken or mesquite grilled fajita steak, Mexican veggies, and jack cheese. We serve it up with some of our hot and tasty french fries.  8.95 Chicken Parmesan Sandwich Have you ever tried to get a chicken to strip in marinara sauce? Neither have we. So instead, what do you say you try some of our crispy chicken strips covered in marinara sauce and Jack cheese and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and oregano. We place this lovely morsel onto a corn meal bun and serve it up next to a heaping mound of our golden french fries. 7.95 Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich Here's the deal. We're lazy. Read the Santa Fe Burger and substitute chicken for burger. 7.95 Chicken Cordon Bleu We grill our chicken breast to perfection, then we top it with some sliced ham, swiss cheese, and slices of bacon. We place it on a comfortable, corn meal bun and serve it with our large portion of fries and a side of Ranch dressing. 7.95 Garden Fresh Portabella Sandwich We grill a large marinated portabella mushroom to perfection (with grill marks to prove it). We place it on our corn meal bun and add tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and jack cheese. We recommend eating it with the steamed vegetables or rice. 7.95 Entrees Fajitas (Fa-He-tas) Hot and sizzling marinated steak, chicken, or portabella served on top of mixed peppers and onions. We serve these delicacies on a HOT skillet with a side of sour cream, mixed cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo.  All fajitas are served with a side of rice and beans and flour tortillas.  For a combination of two meats add $1.  For shrimp add $2.00  add homemade guacamole add $1.00. 12.95 Market Square Burro We stuff our flour tortillas with taco beef, refried beans and mixed cheese and bake it to a golden color and top it with our homemade salsa.  For chicken, steak or portabella add $2.95. 8.95 Fish 'N' Chips Traditional meal of beer-battered fish served with our homemade Cajun tartar sauce and golden brown chips (fries, if you will).  Brewer's Note: Enjoy this with a traditional pale ale, like the White Mule! 9.95 Taco Trio Three spicy beef tacos filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and mixed cheese. We recommend it with rice and beans. However, the sides are a duo you can choose.  We offer it with grilled fajita steak or chicken for an additional 1.00 per taco. 8.95 Santa Fe Chicken Dinner Similar to our Santa Fe Chicken sandwich except there's an additional side, no bun, and the chicken breast is larger. 11.95 Durango Chicken Grilled chicken breast covered in our sweet stout BBQ sauce. Topped with mixed cheese, tomatoes, and bacon and even place it on a plate. 11.95 Teriyaki Chicken Dinner We mesquite grill the chicken breast and cover it in our special sweet teriyaki sauce and top it with grilled pineapple ring. Includes choice of 2 sides. 10.95 Mesquite-Grilled Chicken Our 10 oz. chicken breast mesquite grilled to a juicy perfection. We can season this with lemon pepper, Cajun spices, Caribbean style, or blacken it. For a nominal fee we can top it with pepperjack cheese. 9.95 Side Items Individually Priced 1.99 RED-SKIN Mashed Potatoes Mushrooms & Onions Seasoned Rice Refried Beans Cinnamon Apples Vegetable of the Day French Fries Jumbo Baked Potato Cheese, Sour Cream, Butter, & Bacon 2.99 Perfect Pastas Dan's Chicken Pasta A combination of our alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and grilled chicken. We then toss it around a bit with our penne noodles. We put this in a pasta bowl and top it with mozzarella cheese and bake it to perfection. 10.50 Dave's Parmesan Pasta A combination of our homemade marinara sauce, diced fried chicken strips, and mushrooms. Tossed and covered with mozzarella cheese, Italian seasoning and coincidentally enough cook it to perfection. 10.50 Mark's Italian Pasta Imagine if you will a pizza.  Now, imagine marinara sauce tossed around penne noodles, Italian sausage, mushrooms, peppers and black olives then we top it with sliced pepperoni. We sprinkle this with Italian seasoning and yet again, with deft skill, we cook it to perfection. 10.50 Al's Fredo Pasta Our own special Alfredo sauce tossed with fettuccini noodles. It's a light and creamy dish unto itself. However, you can make it more filling with chicken, portabella or shrimp for just a few dollars more each.  add chicken or portabella 2.95  add shrimp 5.95 8.95 Caper Chicken Pasta We top our mesquite grilled chicken with sautéed mushrooms and onions, chopped parsley, and of course our capers. We offer this either on a bed of fettuccine noodles or with two sides. 11.95 Cajun Chicken Pasta Variety is the spice of life...or in this case, Cajun spice is the spice of life. We take our mesquite grilled chicken and cover it in Cajun spices and then dice it up. We toss this in our Cajun Alfredo sauce along with diced peppers and fettuccine noodles. 10.95 GRAND ENTREES  Sunsphere Scampi We lure 14 of our jumbo shrimp into our sauté pan.  We sauté them and serve them in our homemade scampi butter. We serve these delightful, mouthwatering morsels with two of our sides.  Brewers Note: Get your taste buds ready for this tasty meal with a Woodruff IPA! 14.95 Shrimp Alhambre Delicious shrimp coated in lemon pepper and garlic butter. Their delicate little forms skewered and cooked over an open flame mesquite grill to a perfectly plump state and served with a side of our rice and vegetables.  Brewer's Note: Enjoy this light, delicious meal with a light beer, like the Downtown Blonde. 14.95 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Our hand cut fresh Atlantic salmon, cooked over our open flame mesquite grill. You can have it with some extra zing by cooking it blackened style, Cajun, Caribbean, or lemon-pepper style. We serve it up with two of our sides.  MKT Ahi Tuna Sushi grade tuna,  10 oz. cut offered in several styles: blackened, Cajun, Caribbean, or lemon-pepper. You can have two sides placed on the plate for your timely consumption. MKT Mango Swordfish We marinate the swordfish filets in a mango-vinaigrette and then grill them on our mesquite grill for added flavor. This entree includes two sides.  MKT Captain Sirloin We take our 10 oz. sirloin and stuff it with sautéed shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, bacon, parmesan cheese, and garlic butter. We let this marinate for several hours and then cook it to your liking. Served with two sides.  Brewer's Note: For those with a creative flair (and legal body), this meal is best enjoyed with our signature beer the Woodruff IPA! 14.95 Mesquite-Grilled Delmonico Ribeye A tasty 12 oz. ribeye, seasoned and grilled to a perfect state. 15.95 Downtown Sirloin Think seasoned choice sirloin. Think open flame mesquite grill. Think mushrooms and onions. Think feta cheese. Think two sides.  14.95 "Cathey" Kabob We take our sirloin and marinate it in our special recipe and skewer them with some red peppers, onions, and green peppers and cook them over our open flame mesquite grill.  Brewer's Note: Experience all the richness of the steak by drinking a maltier beer, like our Alt. 14.95 Seasoned Mesquite-Grilled Pork Chops We spice two of our 8oz. chops up with a bit of our specialized seasoning mix. Served with two sides. 13.95 Mesquite-Grilled Pork Tenderloin Our hand cut pork tenderloin tenderized in our homemade marinade and cooked to your specifications over our open-flame mesquite grill. Served with two sides of your choosing.  Brewer's Note: A well-balanced meal should be accompanied with a well-balanced beer, like the Downtown Nut Brown. 12.95 Pizzas DGB Cheesesteak (or Chicken) Pizza We top our 12" crust with our homemade cheese sauce, mexican veggies, sliced mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. You then can have your choice of marinated steak or chicken sliced and placed on top. 10.95 Cheese Pizza This is your standard pizza that every plain Jane (no offense intended, you wild Janes) will love. Our tasty pizza crust is covered in our chunky marinara sauce and topped with 4 different cheeses. 7.95 White Pizza We cover our pizza crust with an alfredo sauce. We then sprinkle it with cheese and Italian seasoning. We decorate it with sliced tomatoes and a lovely spinach blend. At this point it's close to a vegetarian item; however, for you omnivores out there we can add our mesquite grilled chicken for a truly exotic taste.  add Chicken or Portabella 2.95   add shrimp 5.95 9.95 Stout BBQ Pizza Our skilled grill master delicately grills this on our mesquite grill… the chicken that is. We use our sweet Stout barbecue sauce as our base and top it with our grilled barbecue chicken, red onions and mozzarella cheese.  Brewer's Note: Appreciate all the flavors by getting your taste buds started with our State Street Stout. 9.95 Hawaiian Pizza Served with pineapple rings, ham bacon, and mozzarella cheese. 9.95 Extra Toppings  "Average Joes" Toppings  Half .30ea • whole .60ea Mushrooms Pepperoni Sausage Onions Black Olives Pineapple Extra Cheese Extra Sauce Diced Red & Green Peppers Desserts Godiva Chocolate Kahlua Mousse A delicate and light dessert flavored with the rich taste of chocolate and accented with a hint of Kahlua and Godiva chocolate liqueur. We top it off with a bit of whipped cream and an artistic splash of chocolate.  5.25 Cheese Cake We serve this rich tasting dessert with your choice of topping: strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, or caramel. The only thing that can possibly make this better is a cup o' joe and of course, you eating it! 5.25 Empenadas We wrap our homemade dough around your choice of filling (banana and pecans or cinnamon apples) and fry to a rich, golden brown. We sprinkle it with cinnamon, powdered sugar, drizzle it with honey and serve it next to a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  5.25 Sopapillas A delicate flour dessert which, once fried to a golden state of perfection, is forced to expand to hold in its rich flavor. Once inflated we pull it from the fryer and drizzle it with honey, cinnamon and powdered sugar and place it on a plate for your approval! 4.95 Banana Split The classic dessert returns! Banana, ice cream, chocolate and strawberry toppings, whipped cream and nuts topped with a cherry. 4.95 Brownie Sundae We sell it every day. Hot brownie, cold ice cream, chocolate syrup with whipped cream dollop on top. 4.95     Soup of the Day Bowl 3.99 Cup 2.79 Cup w/ Meal 1.49 Cup in Place of Side .49 "Fancy Smancy" Toppings Half .40 • whole .80 Ham Pepperoncini Kalamata Olives Feta, Spinach Green Olives Roasted Red Peppers Express Lunch When you absolutely, positively have to have your food in the next 10 minutes, these are the items that we have done rigorous test runs on and have determined that, barring unforeseen accidents involving spatulas, mesquite fire, expolding plateware, natrual disasters, cosmic inerference...well, you get the point. We recommend these for speedy dishes.  Add soup or salad to any lunch special for $2.25. Soup & Salad We offer you a bowl-size portion of one of our soups and your choice of either a house or Caesar Salad. 6.95 Potato & Salad We offer you one of our jumbo potatoes and your choice either a house or Caesar Salad. 6.95 Lunch Cobb Salad It’s cute and edible! We offer our bed of iceberg or romaine lettuce covered in eggs, ham, turkey, olives, tomatoes, mixed cheese, onions, mushrooms and we’ll even throw in the dressing. 6.95 Baked Potato One potato, two potato, three potato, four... Hey, that’s what we sell here. We offer our jumbo potatoes in four different formats:  PLAIN – Uh, it’s aked. Just the way it came into the world.  LOADED, Your typical potato filled with butter, sour cream, bacon, and mixed cheeses.TACO POTATO – We fill the tater much like you would a taco: beef, tomatoes, and mixed cheese.  FAJITA POTATO – We stuff our large jumbos withMexican veggies, fajita steak or chicken, mixed cheese and a side of sour cream. 2.99 / 3.99 / 4.99 / 5.50 Lunch Fajita It’s hot, sizzling, and economy size – perfect for lunch! We serve up a smaller portion of our marinated steak, chicken or portabello on a bed of our Mexican veggies. We serve it up with some of our seasoned rice and refried beans. 8.50 Taco Dos Two of our tasty tacos served with your choice of meats: taco beef, fajita chicken, or fajita steak. We offer it in either a hard or soft shell – depending on your mood. We serve it up with some of our seasoned rice and refried beans.  With misquite grilled fajita chicken or steak add $1 per taco. 6.50 Quiche We received our recipes from the mighty lumberjackcommunities in Oregon. They insist that “variety is the spice of life.” So, we change these up often. Check with your server for the flavor of the day. 5.25 Pizzas (Half Size) We offer smaller portions of our entrée pizzas: Cheese Pizza 5.25 Hawaiian Pizza 6.95 White Pizza 6.95 Barbecue Pizza 6.95 DGB Cheeseburger Pizza 6.95 You can either check our dinner menu or ask your server for full descriptions. For an extra charge, additional toppings are available. Average Joe’s Toppings - .30 each                         (per half pizza) - Ham - Kalamata Olives - Spinach - Feta Cheese - Pepperoncini - Green Olives - Roasted Red Peppers Half Size Pastas  Hey, sort-of déjà vu. We offer smaller portions of our entrée pastas. All of our pastas come with a slice of fresh baked garlic bread. If you would like more, it's just a quarter a slice. Once again, for full descriptions check our dinner menu or ask your server. Dave’s Parmesan Pasta 6.50 Dan’s Chicken Pasta 6.50 Mark’s Italian Pasta 6.50 Al’s Fredo Pasta 6.50 Caper Chicken Pasta 6.50 Cajun Chicken Pasta Add shrimp for $1.45 or with Salmon add $2.45 6.50 Sandwiches Club Sandwich It’s your classic turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato,and mayo sandwich offered in full or compact sizes. We serve it up with our tasty, golden fries.  Half club deduct $2.00. 7.25 Grilled Chicken Sandwich A tender and juicy mesquite grilled chicken breast served on our toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. We serve it up with one of our side items and we'll even let you pick it. 6.95 Pepper Jack Chicken Sandwich We take our marinated chicken breast, grill it up Cajun-style, and melt Monterrey-pepper jack cheese on top. We pair it up with our tasty golden fries. 7.95 Durango Chicken Sandwich It’s the handheld version of our Durango Chicken entree complete with our sweet stout BBQ sause, mixed cheese, tomatoes, and bacon. Of course we plate it up with our tasty, golden fries. 7.95 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Our deep-fried golden chicken tenders bathed in hot sauce & melted Jack cheese, served with shredded lettuce, and tasty, golden fries.  7.95 Fabulous Fish Sandwich Our deep-fried beer-battered fish with melted cheddar on a corn-meal bun lathered up with Cajun tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion, served with golden brown fries. 7.95 Chicken Fajita Sandwich Our fajita marinated chicken breast is cooked on our mesquite grill, placed on a toasted bun and covered in mixed cheese, Mexican veggies, lettuce and homemade  pico de gallo. Served with our tasty fries or another side. 7.95 Southern Chicken Salad Sandwich A creamy homemade chicken salad mix with grapes & celery placed on honey wheat bread with lettuce and tomato & choice of side item. 7.95 Salads & More  Lunch Black & Blue Salad Your standard misbehaving salad that we had no choice but to beat until it was black and blue. Oh...wrong salad?! Okay, this salad begins on a bed of romaine lettuce and is topped with sliced mesquite-grilled fajita steak. We serve it up with your choice of dressing. Due to the style of steak, we can attempt to get the meat to temperature but it may not be exact. 7.95 Lunch Fajita Salad A bed of iceberg or romaine mix, Mexican veggies, mixed cheeses, black olives, tortilla chips, pico de gallo, & sour cream, you can choose from marinated chicken, steak, or portabello 7.95 Lunch Southern Chicken Salad This is a bed of romaine salad greens topped with diced eggs, cucumbers, cantelope and our homemade southern chicken salad mix. We top it off with a sprinkle of chopped pecans 6.95 Lunch Chicken or Caesar Salad You have a choice of either an iceberg lettuce mix or a Ceasar Salad bed. We top the iceberg letttuce with mixed cheese, diced tomatoes, olives, and eggs — with your choice of dressings, of course. The Caeser Salad is tossed with our shredded parmesan cheese, diced onions, black olives and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Oh, it's also tossed in the Caesar dressing.  Substitute salmon for $1.00. 6.95 Single Kabob It’s our tender,marinated sirloin separated with bell peppers and onions on a skewer and coupled with two of our sides. Small enough for lunch, hearty enough to hold you over ‘til dinner! 8.50 Single Shrimp Kabob Seven of our mesquite grilled and skewered shrimp laid onto a plate with your choice of two sides. 8.50 Single Pork Chop One of our 8 ounce pork chops seasoned with our special seasoning. We mesquite grill the tasty chop and serve it up with two of our sides. 7.95 Lunch Quesadilla Not so much the full order of quesadillas as it is a half order of quesadillas. We use half the number of tortillas, half the amount of mixed cheese, and half the amount of Mexican Veggies to produce half a quesadilla. Served with Steak, Chicken or Portabella add $2.95.  Served with shrimp add $5.95 or served with seasoned beef add $1.95. 4.75