Drakes at a Glance COST:  N/A SERVICE:  N/A FOOD:  N/A  ATMOSPHERE: N/A  STYLE:  Casual  BASE:  Regional Chain  HOURS:  Sun-Thur:11:00am - 11:00pm(12:00am bar) Fri&Sat:11:00am - 1:00am(2:30am bar   RATING:  N/A                              NEW HEALTH INSPECTION RATING:  NEW  Official Website:   www.drakescomeplay.com  
242 Morrell Road Knoxville TN, 37919 865-474-1188  
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Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Full Bar Wine, Beer & Spirits Available This page last updated 01/31/2016 RETURN TO KNOXVILLE DINING Starters Frickles Hand-cut dill pickles, breaded to order, golden fried & served w/ ambrosia ranch dipping sauce. 8.00 Buffalo Blue Chips A generous helping of house-fried chips, scallions, blue cheese crumbles dripping w/ blue cheese dressing & buffalo sauce. 8.00 Quesadilla Juicy, blackened chicken w/ cheese, sautéed peppers & onions, perfectly toasted & served w/ fire-roasted salsa & sour cream. 12.00 Sriracha Wings Crisp & zesty Sriracha dry rub wings, juicy on the inside & packed w/flavor; served w/ celery & your choice of blue cheese or ranch. 13.00 Chips ‘n Dips Fresh tortilla chips w/ house made guacamole, fire-roasted salsa & refried beans. 9.00 J.B.’s Boneless Bites Juicy, hand-breaded chicken tenders tossed in your choice of sauce. • naked w/ honey mustard, scallions • honey jalapeno BBQ, diced jalapenos • buffalo w/ blue cheese crumbles, ranch or blue cheese 9.00 Soup & Salads Hearty Chili Beef & bean chili. seriously, a lot of beef, topped w/ cheese & diced onions. 5.00 Blue Cheese & Apple Chopped greens, Granny Smith apples, bagel chips & roasted sunflower seeds tossed in poppy seed vinaigrette, topped w/ blue cheese crumbles.  Served with chicken breast add $2 or add salmon add $5. 10.00 California Cobb Chopped greens, sliced grape tomatoes, corn, scallions & chicken breast tossed in tangy vinaigrette & topped w/ bacon, avocado & blue cheese crumbles.  Substitute salmon add $3. 12.00 Chicken Chop Salad Chopped greens, roasted sunflower seeds, tomato, bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, tortilla chips & chicken breast w/ honey mustard.  Substitute seared salmon add $3. 11.00 BLT Salad Smoky bacon w/ fresh Roma tomatoes, crisp chopped greens & cool ranch dressing.  Served with chicken breast add $2.  Served with seared salmon add $5. 9.00 Favorites Fried Fish Drake’s Ale battered whitefish Served w/tangy tartar sauce & choice of one side. 13.00 Chicken Asada Tacos Chicken breast sautéed w/southwestern spice blend, tortillas & all the fixins. 11.00 Griddle-Seared Chicken Two marinated chicken breasts perfectly seasoned & seared w/ choice of side. 12.00 Crispy Fish Tacos Drake’s Ale battered whitefish, sautéed onions & peppers, flour tortillas & the freshest toppings. 12.00 Seared Salmon Atlantic Salmon fillet perfectly seasoned & griddle-seared w/choice of one side. 14.00 Fried Chicken Mouthwatering boneless tenders, hand-breaded & fried w/choice of side. 11.00 Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla Blackened chicken in buffalo sauce stuffed in a jumbo flour tortilla w/ cheese & scallions, served w/ sour cream & your choice of ranch or blue cheese. 13.00 Sandwiches Fried Bologna Flat-top grilled bologna on country white w/ mayo, lettuce, tomato & melted Swiss. 9.00 BBQ Ham & Cheese Smokehouse pit ham on butter-grilled country white w/cheddar, Swiss & honey jalapeño BBQ. 10.00 Buffalo Chicken Minis Three hand-breaded chicken sandwiches spun in buffalo sauce w/blue cheese or ranch. 10.00 Turkey, Swiss & Avocado Grill Oven roasted turkey breast & Swiss cheese on toasted wheatberry bread w/remoulade & house made guacamole. 10.00 Nick’s Club Tender ham, smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar, swiss, mayo, lettuce & tomato stacked double-decker on toasted wheatberry. 12.00 Fried Fish Drake’s Ale battered white ish w/lettuce & tomato on a toasted hoagie w/side of tangy tartar. 11.00 California Chicken Seared chicken breast & spring greens w/tomato, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, house made guac, dijon mustard & mayo. 11.00 BLT Minis Three sandwiches w/hot, crispy bacon, lettuce & fresh tomato w/mayo. 9.00 Burgers Toasted bun with fresh cut toppings.  Served with your choice of one side. Mini Juicy Lucys Two minis each w/ two double stacked patties stuffed & drippin’ w/ American cheese, loaded w/parmesan-garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato & pickle. 11.00 Tavern Burger Smothered in sautéed onions, pepper jack & remoulade sauce. 11.00 Big Blue Burger Rubbed w/ kickin’ cajun spice & smothered in melted blue cheese & crispy bacon. 11.00 Morning Glory Burger Topped w/fire-roasted salsa, pepper jack, bacon & a fried egg. 11.00 Black Bean Burger Spicy veggie burger made w/ black beans, corn, tomatoes & chili peppers, topped w/ pepper jack. 10.00 Mushroom Swiss Burger Fully loaded w/ fresh sautéed mushrooms, scallions & melted Swiss cheese. 11.00 BBQ Burger Featuring our honey jalapeño bbq sauce & topped w/ pepper jack cheese, bacon & onion straws. 11.00 Cheddar Burger No-nonsense sirloin patty dripping w/some serious cheddar.  Add bacon for $1 more. 10.00 Mini Cheeseburgers Three mouthwatering minis topped w/melted American cheese.  Add bacon for $1 more. 10.00 Sides Drake’s Fries Tater Tots Waffled Sweet Potato Fries Broccoli Florets Cole Slaw Kids Menu Everything comes with Tots or Fries ketchup and nothing yucky, we promise. Grilled Cheese Sandwich 3.99 Chicken Fingers 4.99 Grilled Chicken Tenders 4.99 Mini Burgers 4.99 Drinks 1.29 Sushi Appetizers Seaweed Salad Seaweed, agar-agar, kikurage mushrooms, red pepper, sesame seeds. 4.50 Calamari Salad Squid, bamboo shoots, kikurage mushrooms, red peppers, ginger, sesame seeds. 7.00 Tempura Shrimp Tempura shrimp w/special teriyaki sauce 8.00 Japanese Dumplings Asian vegetables w/choice of pork, chicken, shrimp or spicy beef, 6.00 Aqua Sauce Edamame Boiled soybeans seasoned w/ salt. 3.00 Miso Soup Tofu, scallions & seaweed in a miso broth. 3.00 Sushi Rice Premium short grain white rice & vinegar. 3.00 Specialty Sushi Eel Roll Cooked eel, cucumber, avocado, seaweed, sesame seeds, eel sauce. 8.50 Dragon Roll Cooked eel, cucumber, seaweed, eel sauce; wrapped in avocado. 9.50 Fantasy Roll (spicy) Avocado, seaweed, sesame seeds; topped w/ crab & spicy mayo choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellow tail or white tuna. 9.00 Rainbow Roll California roll topped w/tuna, salmon, shrimp, white tuna, yellow tail & snapper. 11.00 New York Roll Tuna, avocado, seaweed; topped w/ tuna. 12.00 Boston Roll Salmon, avocado, seaweed; topped w/salmon. 11.00 Tuna Lover’s Roll Spicy tuna, avocado, seaweed; topped w/seared white tuna. 12.00 Soft Shell Crab Roll Tempura-fried soft shell crab, lettuce, avocado, seaweed & topped w/teriyaki & sweet chili sauce. 11.00 Midori Roll Soy paper, tuna, salmon, avocado; w/ eel sauce & spicy sauce. 9.00 Crunchy Munchy Fried crab stick, cucumber, avocado, Sriracha, topped w/tempura crunch, shrimp & eel sauce. 11.00 Surf & Turf Crab, cream cheese, spicy mayo, asparagus, topped w/ avocado,beef ilet, Sriracha & eel sauce. 12.00 Crab Rangoon Roll Cream cheese, crab & scallion rolled in sushi rice & tempura-fried, topped w/ teriyaki & sweet chili sauce. 9.50 Fried Scallop Roll Fried scallop, soy paper, avocado, topped w/ tobiko & spicy mayo. 9.00 Tiger Roll Soy paper, tempura shrimp, tobiko & cucumber, eel sauce & wasabi mayo. 11.00 Tempura Rainbow Roll Tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo; topped w/ shrimp, salmon, whiteish & tuna. 12.00 Volcano Roll Crab, cucumber, avocado, seaweed, ground spicy tuna & black tobiko. 8.50 Chicago Roll Seared Filet Mignon, asparagus, scallions & cream cheese in soy paper & sushi rice, avocado, spicy mayo & Aqua sauce. 11.00 Crunchy Texas Roll Seared white tuna, avocado, seaweed & sushi rice; topped w/ crab & fried onion; eel sauce & spicy mayo. 12.00 Maki Sushi 8 pieces per order California Roll Crab, cucumber, avocado, seaweed, sesame seeds. 6.00 Spicy Cali Roll California Roll, w/ spicy mayo. 7.50 Special Cali Roll California Roll, topped w/ red tobiko. 7.50 Teriyaki Salmon Roll Cooked salmon, avocado, carrot, sesame seeds, seaweed, teriyaki sauce. 7.50 Spring Roll Crab, cucumber, carrots, avocado, lettuce, rice paper, spicy mayo, spring roll sauce, choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel or tempura shrimp. 8.00 Spicy Roll Avocado, cucumber, seaweed, sesame seeds, sushi rice, spicy mayo, choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellow tail or white tuna. 8.00 Philly Roll Cream cheese, avocado, seaweed & sushi rice choice of salmon, shrimp, crab, yellow tail or white tuna. 7.50 Vegetable Roll Cucumber, carrot, avocado, red leaf lettuce, seaweed, sesame seeds. 5.50 Crunchy Roll Tempura crunch, avocado, seaweed & sushi rice choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellow tail or white tuna. 7.00 Fried Calamari Roll Fried calamari, avocado, topped w/ wasabi mayo & sesame seeds. 7.50 Tempura Shrimp Roll Fried tempura shrimp & avocado, seaweed; topped w/ eel sauce. 8.00 Nigiri Tuna 7.00 Flying Fish Egg 6.50 Salmon 6.00 Fresh Water Eel 7.00 Cooked Shrimp 5.50 Scallops 5.50 Squid 6.00 White Tuna 6.50 Crab Stick 4.00 Yellow Tail 7.50 Sashimi Tuna 7.00 Salmon 6.00 Squid 6.00 Yellow Tail 7.50 White Tuna 6.50 Scallops 5.50 DRAKES Kentucky based Bluegrass Hospitality Group is the operator of Drake’s and their 8th location is in Knoxville on Deane Hill.  The chain is based on Burgers, Fresh Sushi, and Craft Beer.  It’s time for the family to come out and play.  The Knoxville location is only the second in the state. Drake’s is a laid back place to have lunch and gets more lively as the sun sets.  More to come ....