Understanding our ratings:
  Our ratings are based on an actual review of the listed restaurant.  When we visit a restaurant, we come unannounced.  During our review of the restaurant we do not in any way identify ourselves nor our intent.  Typically when reviewing a restaurant for the first time we will leave a business card with any gratuity identifying that the restaurant has just been reviewed.

     Generally our reviews are not nitpicky.  We allow for slow service on a limited basis.  We do not allow leinency on the quality of food or the quality of the products used.  Once this is violated, we tend to get a little nitpicky about the restaurant as a whole.  Our reviews are fair!  When failing or not recommending a restaurant for any reason, it is done as a group discussion, then we solicit additional comments from patrons (this may be friends or work associates).  Every effort is considered before failing or not recommending a restaurant.  If your restaurant is listed in this guide as NOT RECOMMENDED, you have done everything in your power to get it to that point!

Pricing Guide:

$          Under $5.00 (including drink)
$$        Under $10.00
$$$      Under $15.00
$$$$    Under $25.00
$$$$$    Over $25.00

Rating Guide:

*         Forget it, Dont Bother
**       Ok, if nothing else
***      Average - Not Good not bad
****     Very Good
*****   Excellent!

Health Inspection Rating:

The health inspection rating is the actual rating issued by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority-Tennessee Department of Health.  We obtain these ratings from the state for posting on this site.  We do not base our review on this rating.

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