LaRosa’s Pizzeria at a Glance COST:  N/A SERVICE:  N/A FOOD:  N/A  ATMOSPHERE: N/A  STYLE:  Casual  BASE:  Regional Chain  HOURS:  Monday - Sunday: 11 a.m.- 9 p.m.   RATING:  N/A                              **** HEALTH INSPECTION RATING:  NEW  Official Website: ONLINE ORDERING AVAILABLE
9169 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 865-243-2800  
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COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Coca-Cola Free Style Available here.  Beer & Wine Available Kids Menu Available This page last updated 02/12/2015 RETURN TO KNOXVILLE DINING Starters Rondos Oven-baked blossoms of pizza dough brushed with our creamy garlic-pesto sauce and filled with provolone cheese. Choose from pepperoni, spinach or BBQ pork fillings to make this one of your new favorites. Served with LaRosa’s Family Recipe Pizza sauce.  6.39 Hummus Sampler Try our Hummus - Kalamata Olives, and feta. Served with flatbread chips, carrots and celery. 5.99 Garlic Fries Our popular fries tossed in an irresistible garlicy,  buttery-flavored, parsley-flaked sauce blend.  They taste as good as they smell!  Served with a cup of ranch for dipping.  Basket of fries. 3.29 Spicy Hot Cheese Dip Spicy hot meat mixed with Cheddar cheese.  Served with Kitchen chips. 5.49 Artichoke and Spinach Dip Artichoke and spinach dip.  Served with flatbread chips. 5.99 Hot Garlic Breadsticks w/Cheese With your choice of LaRosa’s Family Recipe Pizza sauce or buttery garlic sauce.  Add deluxe garlic for $0.50  Try both sauces add $0.59 5.99 Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Served with LaRosa’s Family Recipe Pizza sauce. 5.99 Dipping Sauces Diablo, LaRosa’s Family Recipe pizza sauce, Montgomery Inn barbecue, buttery garlic, blue cheese, ranch or honey mustard. Extra Sauce 0.59 Salads Served with a garlic bread stick Salad Pizza Crisp salad greens with capocolla ham, Genoa salami, garbanzo beans, Kalamota olives, feta, grape tomatoes, red onions, croutons and served with sun dried tomato vinaigrette. Available with chicken or veggies. 7.99 Grilled Chicken Salad Original Tossed Garden Salad topped with strips of all-natural chicken. 6.99 Crispy Chicken Salad Crispy chicken, mixed greens, shredded provolone, grape tomatoes, red onions, olives, croutons. 6.99 Tossed Garden Salad Mixed greens, shredded provolone, grape tomatoes, red onions, olives, croutons.   For family sized add $5.50.  (up to four individuals) 3.19 BLT Salad Bacon, grape tomatoes, mixed greens, croutons, Family Recipe Creamy Garlic dressing. 3.99 Tuna Salad plate Original Tossed Garden Salad topped with three scoops of tuna salad. 6.79 LAROSA’S KNOWS FLAVOR Since 1954, our family has delighted our Guests through our passion for pizza. Every recipe we develop is a LaRosa’s Family original. We are constantly searching for ingredients of the highest quality to create one-of-a-kind flavor combinations that keep folks coming back for more. Pizza Sauces: Family Recipe Pizza Sauce Aunt Dena’s original recipe. The signature sweet red sauce that’s made LaRosa’s pizza a tradition. Fresh Garlic Sauce Minced-from-the-clove for big, bold garlic flavor.  Made for true garlic lovers. Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce Another Cincinnati original. A secret-recipe blend of tomatoes, garlic, onions, molasses and special spices for a thick and tangy sauce. Ranch Dressing Our Crusts Best Selling Traditional Thin An original, classic thin crust that bakes to a golden brown. Crispy Pan Thicker crust with a pleasing crunch on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. Artisian Wheat A square crust that’s light and tender with a hint of sweetness. Gluten Free Coming soon. Specialty Deluxe Pizzas 10" 12.49  14"  17.54  16" 19.39 Fresh Garlic Classic Fresh garlic sauce, chicken, roma tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms. Big Four Meat Pepperoni, sausage, Capocolla ham, bacon. Chicken Bacon Ranch Ranch dressing, chicken, red onions, bacon, roma tomatoes. Hawaiian Deluxe Pineapple, Capocolla ham, bacon, banana peppers. Zesty Barbecue Chicken Deluxe Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce, chicken, red onions, bacon, jalapeños. Florentine Focaccia 4-cheese blend, Italian spices, focaccia sauce, mushrooms, spinach, roma tomatoes, green olives. Roma Focaccia 4-cheese blend, Italian spices, focaccia sauce, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, capocolla ham. Ultimate Trio Pizzas 10" 11.24 14" 15.79 16" 17.39 Greek Chicken Ultimate Trio Chicken, spinach and Kalamata olives, baked atop a mixture of our 4-cheese blend and feta cheese with fresh garlic sauce. Greek Veggie Ultimate Trio Artichokes, spinach and Kalamata olives, baked atop a mixture of our 4-cheese blend and feta cheese with fresh garlic sauce. Black and Blue Ultimate Trio Steak, roasted red peppers, roasted onions, blue cheese atop our 4-cheese blend with ranch dressing. Create your Own Ultimate Trio Pizza! Classics 10" 11.24 14" 15.79 16" 17.39 Double Pepperoni Double pepperoni, extra provolone. Spicy Hot Classic Double spicy ground beef, provolone, jalapeños. Veggie 7" 6.39  12" 12.19 Skinny Wheat Veggie Artisan wheat crust, light provolone, Pecorino Romano cheese, red onion, roma tomatoes, spinach. Create Your Own Pizza Crust       Serves    One Topping   Addtl Toppings Traditional Thin         1 - 2        7.49 1.25 ea. Traditional Thin, Crispy Pan 3 - 4      12.29 1.75 ea. Traditional Thin 4 - 6      13.39 2.00 ea. Artisan Wheat 1 - 2        4.89 0.75 ea. Artisan Wheat 2 - 3        9.19 1.50 ea. Wings Traditional or boneless –sure to satisfy wing lovers everywhere! Served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing.  Choose your sauce:  Medium, Hot, Barbecue, Garlic-Romano, Diablo, Barbecue-Garlic, Hot-Garlic and Medium-Garlic.  Extra ranch or blue cheese dressing .59 Add carrot and celery Sticks 1.49 TRADITIONAL BONELESS STRIPS 5 Wings 4.39 3 Strips 4.39 10 Wings 8.19 6 Strips 7.99 20 Wings 12.99 12 Strips 12.19 Just Right Pizza Combos 6" 2-topping Pizza and Small Garden Salad. 6.79 6" Specialty Pizza and Small Garden Salad. 6.99 Just Right Hoagy Combo Half Hoagy, Kitchen Chips and Small Garden Salad. 6.39 Just Right Pasta Combos Small Spaghetti with Meatball and Small Garden Salad. 6.39 Small Lasagna and Small Garden Salad. 6.99 Small Ziti Chicken Alfredo and Small Garden Salad. 6.99 Small Ziti Alfredo and Small Garden Salad. 6.99 Small Ravioli with Meatball and Small Garden Salad. 6.99 Small Ziti with Meat Sauce and Small Garden Salad. 6.99 Hoagys White or Wheat Bread.  Make it a combo add small fries or kitchen chips for $0.99. Larosa’s Steak Chopped steak, provolone, roma tomatoes, red onions. Your choice of Family Recipe pizza sauce, Italian dressing, mayonnaise or mushroom sauce.  6.49 Link Sausage Roasted red peppers, roasted onions, provolone and Family Recipe pasta sauce. 6.49 “Baked Buddy” Family Recipe pizza sauce, capocolla ham, salami, pepperoni, red onions, pickles.  6.49 Baked Meatball Family Recipe meatballs and pasta sauce, provolone. 6.49 Fried Cod Two hand-battered and fried cod fillets, provolone, tartar sauce.  6.49 BGood2U Hoagys Lettuce, roma tomatoes and mayonnaise made with olive oil on a toasted multigrain wheat bun. Chicken 410 CALORIES | 9G TOTAL FAT Strips of all-natural chicken breast seasoned with signature blend of sea salt, herbs and spices. 6.49 Turkey 360 CALORIES | 8G TOTAL FAT Hand-trimmed, slow-roasted turkey breast.  6.49 Tuna 430 CALORIES | 14G TOTAL FAT White albacore tuna mixed with carrots, celery, chopped egg, kosher dill pickle and mayonnaise.  6.39 Calzones Filled with a 4-cheese blend and stuffed with fillings. Brushed with buttery garlic sauce and sprinkled with Pecorino Romano cheese and Italian spices. Served with your choice of ranch dressing, buttery garlic sauce or Family Recipe pizza sauce. Create Your Own Calzone 1 - Topping 5.99 2 - Topping 6.49 3 - Topping 6.99 Toppings Meats & More Pepperoni Sausage Bacon Ground Beef Capocolla Ham Spicy Sausage Chicken Anchovies Toppings Veggies & Cheese Roma Tomatoes Spinach Roasted Garlic Roasted Red Peppers Roasted Onions Pineapple Sun-Dried Tomatoes Extra 4-cheese blend Extra Provolone Mushrooms Green Olives Roasted Jalapeños Banana Peppers Green Peppers Artichokes Kalamata Olive Pasta Served with two Garlic Bread Sticks and an Original Tossed Garden Salad. Greek Pasta Ziti pasta with extra virgin olive oil and veggies, garlic, spinach, artichokes, Kalamata olives, caramelized onion and a touch of our Family Recipe pasta sauce. Topped with feta and romano cheese.  Add bacon 1.00  8.99 Ziti Chicken Alfredo Ziti pasta with strips of all-natural chicken breast in Alfredo sauce. 9.89 Ziti Sausage Pelucci Ziti pasta with Italian sausage, peppers and onions cooked in Family Recipe pasta sauce. 9.89 Lasagna with Meat Sauce Lasagna noodles layered with three cheeses, Italian spices and Family Recipe meat sauce. 9.89 Ravioli Choice of meat and spinach filling or ricotta and provolone. Served with our Family Recipe pasta sauce.  9.39 Spaghetti and Meatballs Freshly cooked pasta topped with three meatballs and Family Recipe pasta sauce.  9.19 Spaghetti Freshly cooked pasta topped with Family Recipe pasta sauce.  7.39 What does “family pizzeria” mean?  Its a place where families go to enjoy family recipes and that is what LaRosa’s Pizzeria is all about.  The new Cedar Bluff location’s menu is available to be enjoyed on the premises or available for take and go.  LaRosa’s has been serving up Italian food for more than 60 years in Cincinnati.  The restaurant’s thousands of customers agree that LaRosa’s food cannot be beat. A neighborhood pizzeria that serves up pizza, calzones, hoagys, pasta, desserts and more.  Locations in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, the new Cedar Bluff location will be the first in Tennessee and the chain’s Southern-most location.