Menu and Prices are Subject to Change. Domestic & Imported Beers Available This page last updated 11/12/2011   Mikata Japanese Grill at a Glance COST:  N/A SERVICE:  N/A FOOD:  N/A ATMOSPHERE:  N/A STYLE:  Casual BASE:  Local Restaurant HOURS:  Monday-Saturday: 11am – 9pm;  Sunday: Closed RATING:  N/A                              ****1/2 HEALTH INSPECTION RATING:  95  (06/25/2010)  Last available posted score. Official Website: Appetizers Spring Roll (2) 2.99 Gyoza Six dumplings. 5.50 Tempura Shrimp & Vegetables 5.95 Salad 2.00 Edamame 4.00 Agedashi Tofi 4.50 Entrees All entrees are served with salad w/ginger dressing, mixed vegetables, noodles and choice of steamed or fried rice. Tofu w/Vegetables 6.25 Chicken 6.95 Beef 7.95 Shrimp 8.95 Scallops 9.25 Combinations Beef & Chicken 8.95 Chicken & Shrimp 9/95 Beef & Shrimp 10.55 Chicken & Scallop 10.95 Beef & Scallop 11.95 Shrimp & Scallop 12.95 Deluxe Combo Served with shrimp, beef, chicken and scallops. 17.95 COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. HALF OFF DINING DEALS 10918 Spring Bluff Way, Knoxville, Tennessee 865-670-3883
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Search Knoxville Dining at a Glance Menu Extra Sauce Teriyaki Sauce 1.00 Curry Sauce 3.00 Nigiri (Fish on the Rice, 2pcs.) Tuna (Maguro) 4.50 White Tuna 4.50 Smoked Salmon 4.50 Salmon (Sake) 4.50 Red Snapper (Tai) 4.50 Crab Stick (Kanikama) 4.50 Shrimp (Ebi) 4.50 Smelt Roe (Masago) 4.50 Special Roll Tempura Eel Roll Eel, avocado, cream cheese, smelt roe, deep fried in tempura batter with eel sauce on top. 7.95 Spider Roll Soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumber and smelt roe. 8.95 Bombay Roll Crab stick, avocado with spicy crunchy lobster salad on top. 8.95 House Special Roll Shrimp tempura, smelt roe, cucumber with eel on top. 8.95 Phoenix Roll Shrimp tempura, tuna, avocado, smelt roe and eel sauce on top. 8.95 Dragon Roll Spicy tuna with eel and avocado on top. 9.95 Bonzai Roll Shrimp tempura, crab stick with avocado tuna and smelt roe on top. 9.95 New York Roll California with half tuna, half yellow tail and smelt roe on top. 9.95 Fiesta Roll Crab stick, shrimp, avocado with chopped salsa, salmon, jalapenos, and smelt roe mixed on top. 9.95 American Roll Salmon, shrimp, cucumber, eel, tuna, avocado tobiko with crunchy and eel sauce on top. 10.95 Rainbow Roll Crab stick, avocado, cucumber with tuna, salmon, red snapper, yellow tail and shrimp on top. 10.95 Dabel Tuna Roll Spicy tuna with tobiko and sesame on top. 10.95 Mikata Roll Crab stick, shrimp, eel, deep fried with spicy tuna on top. 12.99 Traditional Roll (8 pcs per order) Avocado Roll 4.00 Cucumber Roll 4.00 Kani Roll Crab stick. 4.00 California Roll Crab stick, cucumber, avocado and smelt roe. 5.00 Tuna Roll 5.00 Salmon Roll 5.00 Yellowtail Roll 5.00 Salmon Skin Roll Smoked salmon skin, cucumber with bonito flakes on top. 5.00 Tuna Avocado Roll Tuna, avocado and smelt roe. 6.00 Crunchy Kani-chee Roll Crab stick, cream cheese, cucumber smelt roe and tempura flakes. 6.00 Alaska Roll Smoked salmon, cucumber and avocado. 6.00 Philly Roll Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and smelt roe. 6.00 Eel Avocado Roll Eel, avocado and smelt roe. 7.00 Crunchy Ebi Roll Shrimp, avocado, smelt roe and tempura flakes. 7.00 Crunchy Eel Roll Eel, cucumber, smelt roe and tempura flakes. 7.00 Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll Tuna, cucumber, smelt roe and tempura flakes. 7.00 Shrimp Tempura Roll Shrimp tempura, cucumber and smelt roe. 7.00 Soup Miso Soup Soybean paste, seaweed, tofu and green onion. 2.00 Noodles Nabeyaki Udon Soup Tempura shrimp, egg and other delicacies. 7.95 Stir-fried Udon Choice of beef or chicken. 7.95 Katsu Served with salad and steamed rice. Katsu Curry Breaded pork cutlet with curry sauce. 7.99 Pork Katsu Breaded pork cutlet with ponzu sauce. 7.99 Children’s Menu For 10 years old and under.  All child plates are served with steamed rice or fried rice only. Chicken 4.95 Beef 4.95 Shrimp 5.95 Add Ons (with an entree only) Rice 2.00 Vegetables 2.00 Tpfu 2.00 Noodles 4.00 Chicken 3.99 Beef 3.99 Shrimp 4.99 Scallops 6.99 Sushi Menu Get a PDF of this menu here.      RETURN TO KNOXVILLE DINING Located just across the street from the campus of Pellissippi State, Mikata Japanese Grill is the only Asian based restaurant in the Hardin Valley area to date.  Serving up Teppanyaki and Sushi we have daily specials for dine-in or take out.  We have Monday and Tuesday sushi roll specials for half-price.