3325 North Broadway, Knoxville, Tennessee

COST:  $$
FOOD:  *
STYLE:  Casual
BASE:  Local Restaurant
HEALTH INSPECTION RATING:  The State of Tennessee no longer publicly reports health inspection grades.
Official Website:   Not Available

Food was fine, but the cockroach that crawled out from underneath my chip basket at the end of the meal seemed a little too comfortable. I'm sure all restaurants have them, but tabletop was a bit much for me. Won't be back.  
Kristen K.
Knoxville, TN
Hail to the senor!
My favorite place for margaritas! (i live nearby and so i can ride my bike!)  A salsa bar you will love! Fish tacos are what i always get, but once i fell in love with the vegetarian quesadilla. And if you have room for desert, the apple chimichanga is where it's at.  It's a great place to hang out...you will always see someone you know there, it seems. I just wish they'd turn that damn TV off!
Loretta L.
Brooklyn, NY
I eat here often. standard fare. okay service ( as long as it's not lunchtime and the whole staff showed up) you might want to clean your fork before getting started too. like i said, standard mexican fare. the thing that makes this place a little better than most is the salsa bar. man, i love that salsa bar. the creamy looking green stuff is so good. I usually need two of those.
mark h.
Knoxville, TN


The Lunch Crew Review:

Prompted by our love of Mexican Food, we were moved by the review of the Grub Scout* to visit a restaurant we would have normally ignored due to it's out-of-date appearance.  The Grub Scout reviewed Senor Taco as the second best in Knoxville, failing to name the best.  In passing we had noticed that the parking lot is packed most of the time, so what the heck, you know it must be good!?!

    Entry to the restaurant was a bit confusing but after entry we were eventually greeted.  The interior is open with worn booths and tables and the 10 coats of paint on the walls.  But hey, thats typical of Mexican decor.  We were quickly serviced with the basket of plain tortilla chips and our order was taken.  Drinks were watered down due to melted ice in the glasses.  A trip to the salsa bar revealed a lack luster selection of mediocre salsas and concotions.  Incidentally our booth had a high sitting bench on one side and a lower sitting booth on the other.  In a very short wait we were served with our entrees.  The ground beef burrito was typical, served with rice and beans.  The beef appeared to have been ground in a blender.  Not too spicy but very mushy.  The meal was nothing to write home about.  Later, after stuffing ourselved with little cups of salsa (so insulting) and the tortilla chips as well as our entree.  The waiter, as courteous as he was, cleared the table of used plates with a surprise to us all.  A roach scurried from the bottom of the serving plate across the table.  The waiter, as if he was used to the sight, advised, "I'll get the manager."  Hmm sounds like a regular routine.  The manager asked about the problem, and exclaimed, "We had our health inspection yesterday!"  So now we are shifting the blame to the Tennessee Department of Health for a roach infestation.  Needless to say this meal was free, throwing up or not.

    In review, you can't always rely on someone else's opinion, you must form your own.  We were contacted by the Grub Scout, his visit at the time resulted in few negative actions.  We now respect that review, if it didn't happen to you, you can report or experience the same situation.  Any one report of a roach infestation is a negative thing that can barely be reversed.  Once there, most likely always there.  In this case, bring some antibiotics with you!  Our review of this restaurant is non biased.  Stay Away!!  Grab your health and go elsewhere.  Yes, we contacted the Tennessee Department of Health and filed a complaint.  A second review was to be conducted but we were not contacted about the second review.  There are much better places to dine.  We DO NOT RECOMMEND this restaurant.  Yeah this review is now dated, but do you really believe that the conditions have been reversed?  And NO we will not waste a lunch out to this restaurant for an updated review.

*The Grub Scout is the Dining Voice of the Knoxville News Sentinel



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