Shuck Raw Bar & Ale at a Glance COST:  N/A SERVICE:  N/A FOOD:  N/A ATMOSPHERE:  N/A STYLE:  Casual BASE:  Local Restaurant HOURS:  Mon thru Thurs 11 am - 12 am   •   Fri and Sat 11 am - 2 am   •   Sun 11 am- 9 pm  RATING: N/A                              **** HEALTH INSPECTION RATING:   No Published Health Inspection Rating Official Website:  
Menu h COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. Menu and Prices are subject to change. Full Bar & Spirits as well as Wine are Available. This page last updated 02/19/2012 135 S. Gay Street, Knoxville, Tennessee 865-329-0000            
Oysters Available by the half or full dozen at MKT price.  On the half shell, see our daily selection.  Shuck Oyster Preparations - choose your oyster and our chefs will top them to order. Shooter Oysters Topped with bloody mary mix, celery, lemon, chive and Tabasco. Chimi Oysters Topped with fresh jalapeño, lime, cilantro chimichurri. Greek Oysters Topped with cucumber-olive relish, cherry tomato, lemon. Champagne Oysters Topped with caviar, chive, lemon, cocktail sauce, house mignonette, for half or full add $3/$6. Steamers & Shrimp Cocktail sauce, housemignonette, cilantro chimichurri, housemade tarter sauce. Steamers Steamed clams in the shell, garlic butter, tomatoes, parsley ½ doz/full doz. MKT Shrimp Steamed, peel and eat ½ pound/pound. MKT The Coast Add cup of soup or side salad $5. Soup & Salad Side salad with cup of either New England Clam Chowder or Sopa de Mariscos. 10.00 Salt n’ Pepper Calamari Served with green goddess dressing and lemon. 10.00 Shuck Lobster Roll Traditional preparation served on a butter toasted New England style bun chips, slaw and housemade tartar sauce. 18.00 The Tower Tower of shrimp, lump crab, pico de gallo, romaine, avocado, honey chipotle sauce. 15.00 Oyster BLT Cornmeal fried oysters, arugula,mayo, applewood bacon, chipotle-tomato jam, chips or slaw. 12.00 Smoked Atlantic Salmon Toast points, roasted garlic-dijon aioli, cucumber-olive relish, egg, lemon. 14.00 Grouper Sandwich Panko crusted grouper, housemade tarter, romaine, tomato, chips or slaw. 12.00 Fish and Crisps Beer battered whitefish, sea salt and pepper kettle chips, slaw, housemade tartar sauce. 11.00 Soft Shell Crabs Meuniere Lightly fried, herb-lemon butter, asparagus-arugula salad. 14.00 Cornmeal Fried Oysters Served with slaw, cocktail sauce, housemade tarter sauce, lemon. 12.00     RETURN TO KNOXVILLE DINING Shuck Raw Bar & Ale is brought you by the management teams of Nama Sushi Bar and Crú Bistro & Wine Bar.  Shuck adds an exciting new element to the cuisine offered in the East Tennessee area. Featuring raw oysters on the half shell, steamers, peel & eat shrimp as well as a variety of seafood entrees, salads, ceviche and crudo, the menu has been created to reflect regional and worldly seafood flavor profiles. Shuck is a destination restaurant that strives to provide every guest with a memorable experience each time they walk through the door. Sides Cucumber-Tomato-Feta Salad 4.00 Asparagus - Chilled with Egg & Dijon Aioli 5.00 Carolina Style Slaw 4.00 Side Salad 6.00 Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips 3.00 Cup of Soup 6.00 Salads Shuck House Fried oysters, romaine, arugula, cherry tomato, egg, cucumber, red onion, tortilla points. 10.00 Spanish Thinly sliced tuna, arugula, balsamic vinegar, olive, piquillo pepper, egg, extra virgin olive oil. 14.00 Greek Romaine, shrimp, cucumber, red onion, olive, feta, tomato, fried capers, oregano vinaigrette. 11.00 Ceviche/Crudo Daily Chef's Feature MKT Mexican Shrimp Ceviche Shrimp, tomato-corn salsa, cilantro, avocado, orange juice, lime juice and blue corn tortilla chips. 12.00 Tuna Crudo Thinly sliced tuna, grapefruit, extra virgin olive oil, fresh jalapeño, sea salt. 13.00 Cajun Seared Salmon Sweet corn relish, cucumber, arugula, chili oil, lemon. 11.00 Sicilian Tuna Crudo Fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, lemon. 12.00 Tacos Each served with salt & pepper kettle chips or slaw. Taco Rasta Blackened tuna, pineapple salsa, cilantro chimichurri, slaw. 13.00 Taco Baja Panko fried shrimp or whitefish, romaine, mango rhythm, cilantro, baja sauce. 12.00 Taco Moeca Soft shell crab, sweet corn relish, romaine, housemade tartar sauce. 13.00