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Search Knoxville Dining at a Glance COMMENTS ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT CAN BE POSTED HERE. Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Select Beer Available This page last updated 04/22/2013 Appetizers Hummus Plate Cucumber, tomato, broccoli, fresh baked pita with hummus. 6.95 Hummus & Blue Corn Chips 5.50 Black Bean Hummus Black beans topped with hummus & spicy sriracha sauce with blue corn chips. 6.95 Bread & Pesto 6.50 Bread & Dressing Bread with your choice of any of our housemade dressings. 4.50 Pepperoni or Spinach Roll Pizza dough rolled with pepperoni or spinach  sprinkled with parmesan with a side of pizza sauce, ranch or chipotle ranch. 7.35 Blue Corn Chips & Roasted Tomato Chipotle Salsa 5.50 Soups Housemade Soups Ask your server about todays selections. Cup 2.75 Bowl 3.75 Cup of Soup & Side Salad 6.00 Organic Grains Black Beans & Brown Rice Available by the cup or bowl. 3.00 / 3.70 Salads Served with bread & house made dressing.  Dressings:  Basil Vinaigrette, Caesar, Blue Cheese, Fets, Ranch, Mushroom Sesame, Honey Carrot, Tahini, Poppyseed, Chipotle Ranch, Southwest Vinaigrette or Honey Mustard. House Salad Romaine lettuce, mushroom, red onion, cucumber, tomato, black olive, green pepper, carrot, red cabbage, sprouts and your choice of dressing.  Available as a side salad, small salad or entree salad. 3.25 / 5.80 / 8.00 Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce, mushroom, black olive, parmesan cheese tossed in a Caesar dressing.  Small or large sizes available. 5.50 / 7.00 Pasta Salad Pasta, broccoli, mushroom, red onion, cucumber, tomato, black olive, green pepper, carrot, red cabbage and sprouts.  Small or large sizes available. 6.50 / 8.50 Chef Salad Romaine lettuce, ham, smoked turkey, broccoli, mushroom, red onion, cucumber, tomato, black olive, green pepper, carrot, red cabbage and sprouts.  Small or large sizes available. 7.75 / 9.50 Veggie Chef Romaine lettuce, baked tofu, broccoli, mushroom, red onion, cucumber, tomato, black olive, green pepper, carrot, red cabbage and sprouts.  Small or large sizes available. 7.75 / 9.50 Baked Tofu Salad Fresh spinach, baked tofu, broccoli, carrot, mushroom, red cabbage, red onion, served with Mushroom Sesame Dressing.  Small or large sizes available. 8.25 / 9.95 Greek Salad Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, red onion, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olive, green pepper, fresh oregano, sprouts and served with Feta dressing.  Small or large sizes available. 7.75 / 9.50 Southwestern Salad Romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, Sweetwater Valley smoked cheddar, black beans, roasted chicken or baked tofu, blue corn chips, corn salsa, and served with your choice of Southwest Vinaigrette or  Chipotle Ranch.  Small or large sizes available. 8.25 / 9.95 Warm Bacon Salad Benton’s bacon, mushrooms, fresh spinach, served with warm Poppy Seed dressing. Small or large sizes available. 8.25 / 9.95 Scoop of Chicken Salad Served on a bed of lettuce and tomato. 6.25 Sandwiches Served on your choice of fresh baked white, wheat or pita bread  and served with blue corn or potato chips and a pickle. Ham & Cheese Ham, monterey jack cheese, mustard, mayo, served heated with lettuce and tomato. 6.25 / 7.95 Turkey Melt Smoked turkey, fresh spinach, red onion, monterey jack cheese, mustard, mayo, served heated with tomato and sprouts. 6.25 / 7.95 Tomato Head Ham, pepperoni, monterey jack cheese, pesto, mustard, mayo, tomato and sprouts. 6.25 / 7.95 Cheddar Head Fresh spinach, roast beef or baked tofu, roasted onion, Sweetwater Valley Farms smoked cheddar, mustard, served heated with tomato. 6.25 / 7.95 Hummus Pita Hummus, cucumber, carrot, red onion, tomato and sprouts. 6.25 / 7.95 Vegan Marinated tofu, fresh spinach, carrot, red onion, spinach and sun-dried tomato pesto, tomato and sprouts. 6.25 / 7.95 Vegetarian Marinated tofu, monterey jack cheese, fresh spinach, mushroom, pesto, mustard, tomato and sprouts. 6.25 / 7.95 Oh Boy Fresh spinach, chicken, Benton’s bacon, sundried tomato, monterey jack, poppyseed dressing, mayo, served heated. 6.75 / 8.50 Tuscan Chicken Chicken, monterey-jack, pesto, sundried tomato, mayo and served heated. 6.75 / 8.50 Gorgonzola & Roasted Onion Roast beef or baked tofu, gorgonzola sauce, roasted onions, mayo and served heated with tomato. 6.75 / 8.50 Chicken Salad Served with lettuce and tomato. 6.75 / 8.50 Roger Roger Hummus, fresh spinach, baked tofu, green & red pepper, banana pepper, green olive, monterey jack cheese and served heated. 6.75 / 8.50 Kepner Melt Fresh spinach, baked tofu, monterey jack cheese, herbed tomato, pineapple, roasted onion, walnut, pesto, mustard and served heated. 6.75 / 8.50 Lucy Fresh spinach, hummus, carrot, roasted onion, roasted portobello, walnut, monterey jack and served heated. 6.75 / 8.50 Goat Cheese Goat cheese, pesto, sundried tomato aserved heated. 6.75 / 8.50 Veggie Burger Housemade veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, red onion.  Add cheese for $0.65 more. 8.50
**** Tomato Head Pizza Available by-the-slice, 9” pizza or 14” pizza. Pesto & Sundried Tomato Served with herb tomato. 3.50 / 10.70 / 18.10 Benton’s Bacon, Ham & Andouille Sausage Served with red onion and cheddar. 4.60 / 13.20 / 23.05 Lamb Sausage & Sundried Tomato Served with herbed tomato, black olives and capers. 4.50 / 12.40 / 21.60 Five Cheese White pizza with mozzarella, fontina, Swiss, Monterey-jack and parmesan 2.20 / 7.35 / 12.25 Ham & Pineapple 2.70 / 8.20 / 14.00 Goat Cheese White Pizza With Roma tomato and basil. 3.30 / 9.55 / 16.40 Roasted Portobello with Roma Tomato 3.20 / 10.70 / 17.50 Fresh Spinach & Black Bean Served with andouille sausage or baked tofu, tomato, roasted garlic and roasted onion. 5.00 / 13.55 / 24.15 Gorgonzola & Walnut White Pizza Served with Roma tomato and basil ricotta cheese. 3.90 / 11.20 / 19.60 Smoked Salmon & Pesto White Pizza 3.00 / 9.85 / 16.35 Chicken, Roasted Potobello & Pesto White Pizza Served with Kalamata olives, roasted onion and goat cheese. 5.40 / 15.70 / 27.15 Fresh Spinach, Feta Cheese & Kalamata Olive Served with andouille sausage or baked tofu, red onion, roma tomatoes, banana pepper and fresh oregano. 6.00 / 15.25 / 27.65 Pizza Toppings Group One Group Two Group Three -Capers -Anchovy -Lamb Sausage -Fresh Spinach -Ham -Benton’s Bacon -Roma Tomato -Andouille Sausage -Chicken -Herbed Tomato -Sausage -Smoked Salmon -Red Onion -Smoked Turkey -Sundried Tomato -Roasted Onion -Pepperoni -Goat Cheese -Red Pepper -Baked Tofu -Pesto -Green Pepper -Feta Cheese -Spinach & Tomato -Pineapple -Gorgonzola Cheese   Pesto -Garlic -Smoked Cheddar -Green Olive -Basil Ricotta Cheese -Black Olive -Fontina Cheese -Broccoli -House pickled jalapeno -Mushroom -Banana Pepper -Basil -Kalamata Olive -Oregano -Roasted Garlic -Roated Portobello -Mushroom -Black Beans -Walnut Customized Pizza Available in a 9” or 14” Pizza. Cheese 5.85 / 9.45 Soy Cheese 8.25 / 13.95 Each Item from Group One 0.85 / 1.75 Each Item from Group Two 1.50 / 2.80 Each Item from Group Three 2.00 / 3.45 Pesto as Sauce 2.50 / 3.50 Side of Pizza Sauce 0.80 / 1.45 By the Slice/Lunch Only Slice of the Day Served with a side salad and your choice of dressing. 5.35 Slice of Cheese Pizza 1.60 Slice of Soy Cheese Pizza 2.25 Each Extra Item Group 1 0.50 Each Extra Item Group 2 0.60 Each Extra Item Group 3 0.70 Pesto as Sauce 0.50 Calzones Basil Ricotta Cheese 6.75 Each Extra Item Group 1 0.85 Each Extra Item Group 2 1.50 Each Extra Item Group 3 2.00 Quesadillas All served with a side of crema & our housemade roasted tomato chipotle salsa. Cheese Quesadilla Monterey jack , Swiss, mozzarella and Sweetwater Valley smoked cheddar. 6.75 Veggie Quesadilla Fresh spinach, roasted portobello, mushrooms, roasted onion, carrot, herbed tomato, pineapple and cheese. 9.25 Chicken or Baked Tofu Fresh spinach, roasted chicken or baked tofu, with cheese and roasted onion. 10.75 Burritos All served with blur corn chips & our house-made roasted tomato chipotle salsa. Portobello & Walnut Black beans, brown rice, roasted onion, walnuts, roated portobello, cheese and crema. 10.00 Jose Jose Burrito Fresh spinach, brown rice, baked tofu, hummus, green olive, banana pepper, red and green pepper, cheese and crema. 10.50 Chicken Burrito Brown rice, black beans, chicken, fresh spinach, roasted onion, goat cheese, spicy sriracha sauce and crema. 11.25 12 Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee 865-637-4067 7240 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 865-584-1075 Download a PDF of this Menu here.      The Tomato Head has been a cult favorite classic on Market Square as far back as I can remember.  Every business in its early stages has to adjust and develop a clientele.  Tomato Head on Market Square has always had a strong following even before Market Square developed it’s infrastructure today.  Over the years, the restaurant has grown to grasp the green designation by selecting to implement local ingredients into the menu and emphasize farm fresh to table style menu offerings.  Even patrons in Maryville acknowledged the loss when the operator decided to close a Downtown Maryville location in favor of an upscale West Knoxville location.  The Tomato Head succeeded Silver Spoon/American Cafe  in the Gallery Shopping Center.  Personally, my first visit to the Market Square was my last visit.  At the time, the restaurant, I believe, was in chaos, no organized seating system, it was order as you enter and have a chaotic type seating.  Since that time, I have had a share in to-go ordered pizzas and found the product to be very good.  However, that first experience has kept me personally from returning to Market Square.  Now, with a newer and more modern arrangement in the Galley Shopping Center, it is a must that the Lunch Crew visit again.  We have had visits by our members, but that has been for to-go orders.  At this point no one has dined inside the restaurant.  I am really excited about updating our thoughts about this restaurant and plan to do so within the next 6 months.  Give it a try, this is a local restaurant owned by foreign immigrants.