Wild Wing Cafe at a Glance COST:  $$ SERVICE:  **** FOOD:  *** ATMOSPHERE:  *** STYLE:  Casual BASE:  Regional Chain Restaurant HOURS:    Open Daily at 11am  RATING:  ***                              *** HEALTH INSPECTION RATING81  (06/29/2010)  Last Available Posted Score Official Website http://www.wildwingcafe.com      RETURN TO KNOXVILLE DINING 11335 Campbell Lakes Drive, Farragut, [Knoxville] Tennessee 865-777-WING (9464)  
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Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Full Bar, Wine & Spirits Available Kids Menu Available Upon Request This page last updated 09/15/2011        Wild Wing Cafe is the hottest venue in Turkey Creek and probably the hottest venue for Wings in Knoxville.  If you like the bar grub this cafe is the happening place.  The restaurant boasts an outdoor pond where wakeboarding is standard fare for summer crowds.  The restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining as well as independent bars for inside and outside.  Inside the restaurant has plenty of flat panels for game day.   Lunch crowds can enjoy a mini buffet of wings and happy hour is daily from 4pm to 7pm.  Sunday offers the blue jean brunch with southern biscuits and scrambled eegs.  The wing menu includes 33 different sauces with something to please ever palate.  Quality ingredients includes Coca-Cola Products at the bar, Heinz on the table and choice of most brands of beer at the bar.  Of course cocktails entail name brands of spirits and the cafe will offer replica shirts off their servers back at the Wild Wings Merchandise Counter.    A PDF of this Menu is Available here. WING FLAVORS: VIRGIN:  The perfect choice for kids, rookies & wimpy wing eaters. MEDIUM:  Our Hot wing with training wheels. HOT:   Traditional Buffalo wing, just spicy enough for any Winglover. CHERNOBYL:   We’ve turned up the heat on this atomic treat! CHINA SYNDROME:   Very peppery, very hot and very good! HABAÑERO HOTS:   Something special for the insane. BRAVEHEART:   So hot you can lose your head over it! GINGER:   Sweet & saucy with an Oriental twist. AH-SO-GOOD! ITALIAN:   Mama Mia! A speecy, spicy way to do the wing thing. WILD WEST:   A tangy ranch style that’s downright tasty! LEMON PEPPER:   The perfect choice for sophisticated palates. HONEY MUSTARD:   Pass the mustard, Honey. It’s real good. FLYING FAJITA:   This tex mex flavor has gone Wild! LOCO BUENO:   This honey-lime-cilantro taste is crazy good! SANTA FE:   Yo quiero this taco treat! RAGIN’ CAJUN:   J.R. brought this bad boy back from the Bayou. ISLAND JERK:   Light Jamaican jerk flavor with a spicy dipping sauce. GARLIC! GARLIC! GARLIC!:   Keeps the vampires away. THE SLAYER™:   This hot garlic wing helps Buffy kick some demon butt! THE BOSS:   Crisp & hot! It’s the King of the Hill! TENNESSEE FIREBALL :  Hotter than a speeding locomotive! FLAMING PARMESAN:   Everyone loves this little Italian hottie! RED, HOT & BLEU:  Our Hot wing with the taste of bleu cheese cooked right in. RANCHILADA™:   Part ranch, part Chernobyl, whole lotta good. JALAPENO CHEDDAR:  E.T. found this cheeser pleaser, and now he won’t phone home. RED DRAGON:   The best of both worlds with this hot teriyaki wing. THE GENERAL:   Orange you ready to try this classic Chinese flavor? THAI:   A nutty little number from the Far East...FAR OUT! BUBBA’S BBQ:   Mama’s southern recipe, ya’ll. COLORADO COPPERS:   A Rocky Mountain masterpiece! OLD YELLER:   A Carolina yellow mustard classic. OL’ SMOKEY:   MMMMesquite! GOLD RUSH:   Honey BBQ with a KICK! CHIPOTLE JOLT:   The biggest, boldest BBQ you’ve ever tasted! Knockout Nuggets  Above flavors, Served with bleu cheese or ranch dipping sauce. 8 Piece 6.39 12 Piece 9.29 16 Piece 12.29 20 Piece 14.99 25 Piece Sampler 18.99 50 Piece 37.49 Sampler Platters Can’t decide on a flavor? Choose 5 different flavors in groups of 5. Wing Sampler Platter 18.99 Nugget Sampler Platter 18.99 Sandwiches All Sandwiches served with Big Fat Fries or one Exciting Extra. Drew’s Devilish Delicious Fried Chicken Sandwich The best fried chicken sandwich ever! GREAT, BIG, and a little spicy. Served on a toasted bun with our secret sauce, lettuce, tomato & pickles.  7.29 The L.A. Toaster Juicy chicken breast grilled in Wild West marinade & piled high with crisp bacon, pepper jack, guacamole, shredded lettuce & mayo on Texas toast.  7.59 Bubba’s Big BBQ Sandwich Lots of pulled Roasted Chicken or Hickory Smoked Pork piled high on a toasted bun. Choose a sauce: Bubba’s, Colorado Copper, Gold Rush, Ol’ Smokey, Old Yeller, Chipotle Jolt BBQ.  7.39 Texas Toast Club Sandwich Big things come from Texas and this is no exception. Ham, turkey, bacon, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo between three slices of grilled Texas toast. This is THE monumental stacked sandwich. 7.79 The Godfather Chunks of spicy fried chicken topped with marinara sauce, sauteed mushrooms & melted mozzarella on Texas toast. Try it as a wrap with House Chips. add $0.20. 7.29 Beef Brisket Sandwich Smoked beef brisket shaved thin and piled high on grilled Texas toast with our Colorado Coppers BBQ sauce, caramelized onions and Cheddar cheese. Served with Big Fat Fries. 8.39 Wild Wraps Fajita Fiesta Wrap Grilled Fajita Steak or Chicken, caramelized onions & roasted peppers, Fiesta Rice and Monterey Jack in a garlic herb tortilla. Served with southwest ranch. And if rice ain’t enough add Big Fat Fries. 75¢ 7.29 The Cool Chick Hunky Chunky Chicken Salad, toasted almonds, crumbled bacon, lettuce & diced tomatoes all wrapped up in a garlic herb tortilla. Served with Dave’s Potato Salad.  6.59 Fabulous Philly Wrap A new twist on a Philly favorite. Shaved tender marinated steak, caramelized onions, roasted peppers and lots of melted pepper jack cheese twisted in a garlic herb tortilla. Served with fries.  7.99 Buffarella Our biggest seller! Fried chicken strips dipped in Hot sauce, crisp lettuce, diced tomatoes, mozzarella & Cheddar cheese with creamy ranch dressing, stuffed in a toasted jalapeño Cheddar tortilla.  Served with bleu cheese dip & celery or ask your server to substitute Big Fat Fries. 7.79 Cajun Fish Wrapper No, not the Times Picayune. A generous portion of beer battered cod with our Ragin’ Cajun marinade, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, melted cheese & jalapeño tartar sauce wrapped up in a jalapeño Cheddar tortilla with Big Fat Fries.  8.99 Terrific Turkey Twister Our tasty turkey wrap! Lots of lean turkey, pepper jack cheese, crisp bacon, lettuce and tomato finished with our spicy Boom Boom sauce and wrapped in a tasty jalapeño Cheddar tortilla. Served with fries. 7.59 Smokin’ Hot Bacon Cheeseburger Wrap Our 8oz. burger with lots of bacon & pepper jack cheese wrapped into a warm jalapeño Cheddar tortilla with mayo, ketchup, lettuce, diced tomatoes & pickles. Served with fries. 7.79 Di’s Club Wrap Lots of lean turkey, ham and crisp bacon wrapped up with Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo in a toasted jalapeño Cheddar tortilla. Served with fries. 7.59 Grillers Big Beefy Burger* Half pound of lean ground beef, chargrilled and served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion & mayo. Served with Big Fat Fries. 6.79 Texas Toast Angus Burger A mouth-watering 1/3lb. fresh angus burger served on grilled Texas toast with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion & mayo. Served with Big Fat Fries.  6.79 Ol’ Smokey Burger Choose a Big Beefy Burger or Angus Burger.  Ol’ Smokey marinade, Cheddar cheese, fried onions & bacon. 7.39 Uptown Burger Choose a Big Beefy Burger or Angus Burger.  Wild West marinade, sauteed mushrooms, Swiss & mayo.  7.59 Cheeser Pleaser Choose a Big Beefy Burger or Angus Burger.  Cheddar & pepper jack cheese, fried onions, bacon & mayo. 7.49 Veggie Burger Grilled over an open flame and topped any way your heart desires.  Served on a multi-grain bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion & mayo.  Served with Big Fat Fries.  6.79 Basic Chicken Sandwich 6oz. chargrilled chicken breast with shredded lettuce, pickles, tomatoes & our secret sauce on a toasted bun. Served with Big Fat Fries.  6.99 Buffalo Chicken Hot marinade, crumbled bleu cheese, shredded lettuce & ranch dressing.  7.99 Ultimate Chicken Ol’ Smokey, shaved ham, Monterey Jack, secret sauce, lettuce, pickles & tomato. 8.79 Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki marinated breast, caramelized onions, Monterey Jack, lettuce & mayo. 7.49 Almighty Angus Toaster Melt It’s a patty melt gone Wild! We start with our 1/3lb. Angus Burger and top it with caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese and serve it on grilled Texas toast with mayo. Served with Big Fat Fries. 7.49 Build Your Own Burger Choose a Big Beefy Burger, Veggie Burger, Texas Toast Angus Burger or Basic Chicken Sandwich.  Pick a Sauce! • 50¢:  33 flavors to choose from.  Choose a Cheese. • 75¢ each:  Monterey Jack • Cheddar • Pepper Jack • Mozzarella • Crumbled Bleu Cheese • Queso Dip;  Then Pick a Topper or Two!  50¢ each:Marinara Sauce • Salsa • Slaw • Caramelized Onions • Fire Roasted Red & Green Peppers • Sauteed Mushrooms • Chili or Guacamole - 75¢ Shaved Ham or Bacon - 1.00 6.79 Little B’s Peeps & Pups Small in size. Big in taste! Our mini sliders are cooked to perfection, with the freshest ingredients and are sure to please. Little B’s Four Little B’s. served with Cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, slider sauce and pickle slice.  Two B’s with Buff Chips just 4.99. 7.49 Peeps Four fried Buffalo chicken sliders dipped in Hot with lettuce and ranch dressing.  Two Peeps with Buff Chips just 4.99 6.99 Pups Four little hot dog sliders topped with Herb’s Buffalo Breath Chili and Cheddar cheese.  Two Pups with Buff Chips just 4.99 7.49 Slider Sampler Two of each slider. Perfect for sharing! 10.99 Soups Soup of the Day It’ll cure what ails ya!  Available by the cup or bowl. 2.99 / 3.99 Oour Award Winning Chili Recipes Herb’s Buffalo Breath Chili or White Chicken Chili. Available by the cup or bowl. 2.99 / 3.99 Bountiful Baked Potato Soup A rich, creamy soup made from fresh baked potatoes topped with Cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon & sour cream on request.  Available by the cup or bowl. 2.99 / 3.99 Jumbo Gumbo Wild Wing’s™ own recipe that was stolen by the Cajun nearly 200 years ago. ‘Bout time we got it back! Tomato based gumbo with shrimp, okra & spices. Available by the cup or bowl. 3.99 / 4.99 Awesome Salads We make our dressings right here at the Wild Wing Cafe™!  Bleu Cheese • Ranch • Light Ranch • Southwest Ranch • Balsamic Vinaigrette • Honey Mustard • Honey Lime Cilantro Creamy Italian • Fat Free Italian • Peanut Sesame • Thousand Island The Cafe’s Legendary House Salad Crisp garden salad topped with bacon & cheese.  Served with a piece of cheesy Texas toast. 3.99 Incredible Grilled Chicken Salad Grilled marinated chicken breast served over a bunch of crisp greens & topped with shredded cheese, crumbled bacon & toasted almonds.  8.39 The Cafe Club Salad Large chunks of lightly fried seasoned chicken breast served atop crisp, cold greens with shredded cheeses, crumbled bacon & almonds. It’s great!  8.39 The Big Buffalo Chicken Salad Dip your chick in your favorite hot marinade, choose Fried OR Grilled chicken. Load it on top of a bunch of cold, crisp greens, cheese, bacon, and Bleu cheese dressing.  8.39 The Wild Chef A traditional chef salad gone Wild! Grilled chicken, julienne ham, Monterey Jack & Cheddar cheese strips & spicy shrimp! Topped with crumbled bacon, egg slices, cucumbers & tomatoes. 8.99 Totally Terrific Thai Chicken Salad Crisp, cold greens with cucumbers, tomatoes & shredded carrots topped with strips of chicken breast grilled in a nutty marinade & sprinkled with toasted almonds, shredded cheese & chinese noodles.  Served with our warm peanut sesame dressing.  8.39 The Wild Chop Salad We take crisp, cold greens, crunchy cucumbers and plenty of ham, turkey, Cheddar and jack cheeses, then hand-chop them and toss ‘em all together with our balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Add crumbled bleu cheese. 75¢ 8.39 Fajita Fiesta Salad Fajita marinated Steak or Chicken atop crisp cold greens with two cheeses, fire roasted corn, black beans & poblano peppers, pico de gallo, sour cream and crispy tortilla strips. With Steak add $2.00. 9.99 The Hunky Chunky Chicken Salad The Cafe’s Classic Chicken Salad. Great big chunks of roasted chicken & crisp celery mixed together in our creamy secret sauce. As a Platter with crisp veggies, potato salad & a slip of our spinach dip.  As a Sandwich with Big Fat Fries. 6.25 Or as a Wrap with Dave’s Potato Salad. 6.59 7.25 Extras A selection of Exciting Extras you can substitute for Big Fat Fries! or choose as an extra side. Steamed Broccoli • Dave’s Potato Salad • Cafe Rice • Fiesta Rice • Lip Smackin’ Mac & Cheese • Grilled Corn Cobbie • Cole Slaw Fire Roasted Corn, Black Beans & Peppers.  Substitute a Big Baker or Twice Baked Mash for Big Fat Fries...Add 50¢ 1.49
WILD THINGS Appetizers Super Spinach Dip Our cool & creamy signature treat.  5.29 Hot Spinach Dip Creamy, hot ‘n’ cheesy and served with warm tortilla chips. 5.99 Shrimply Delicious Dip A blend of shrimp, cheeses and spices perfectly blended in this tasty chilled dip. 6.99 Triple Dipper Sample three of our famous dips with plenty of warm tortilla chips.  Choose from: Super Spinach Dip, Hot Spinach Dip, Queso, Guacamole, Salsa or Shrimply Delicious Dip.  7.59 Pretzel Bites We’ve reunited beer with its best friend...pretzels!   Try ‘em tossed in a sauce!  Add 50¢ 3.99 Corn Dog Pups They’re the All-American treat! Ten mini corn dogs served with mustard.  4.99 Hot Shots Our original spicy sausage & cheese pastry. Sort of a fritter gone WILD!  5.99 Onion Rings The real thing, buddy! No crushed up, mushed up onions ‘round here! 4.29 Mighty Mozzarella Sticks The Godfather of snacks. Crispy sticks served with marinara. 5.49 Fried Shrooms Plump buttons in our own beer batter served with a special dipping sauce. 5.99 Super Snacker Sampler Something for everyone with goodies enough for two or more!  House Chips, Onion Rings, Hot Shots, Fried Shrooms & Mozzarella Sticks with dipping sauces. 9.99 Buffalo Shrimp Wings from the sea. Ten fried shrimp tossed in our Hot sauce served with bleu cheese & celery.  7.49 Boom Boom Shrimp A flavor explosion! Crispy fried shrimp tossed in our creamy sweet chile sauce.  7.99 Mexican Tortizza Six inch tortilla crust with ranchero sauce, taco beef, mixed cheese & pico de gallo. 3.49 Tomato Basil Tortizza Six inch tortilla crust topped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes & basil.  2.99 Spicy Buffalo Pizza Pie Chunks of spicy fried chicken, dipped in Hot sauce, baked on a pizza crust covered with ranch dressing and smothered with melted cheese.  5.79 David’s Chicken & Friends Juicy chunks of white chicken sauteed in medium wing sauce plus bacon, shredded cheese, scallions & creamy ranch dressing all warm & melty.  Served with tortilla chips...It’s perfect for sharing! 7.99 The Spud Zone House Chips Crispy fried chips sprinkled with a special house blend of seasonings. 3.49 Buff Chips Crispy fried chips sprinkled with bleu cheese crumbles & southwest ranch for dipping.  3.99 Big Fat Fries Crispy wedge cut fries just the way Willie likes ‘em! 2.59 Big Fat Cheesy Fries Loaded with cheese.  3.99 Steel Town Spuds A generous portion of Big Fat Fries or crispy Buffalo Chips covered with ranch dressing, bacon, scallions & melted cheese. 5.49 Wild Fries Big Fat Fries topped with cheese or queso, chili & sour cream. 5.99 Loaded Skins The perfect companion to our wings.  Loaded with cheese, bacon & jalapeños. 7.49 Tthe Big Baker It’s the Big Potato from Idaho, don’t you know. Topped with butter and sour cream.  2.25 The Big Baker II Loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese & bacon. 3.49 Twice Baked Mash Creamy, dreamy spud perfection. Filled with sour cream, cheese, bacon & scallions.  3.49 Fiesta Fiesta White Chicken Chili This hearty chicken & white bean specialty is always a Wild Wing favorite.  Available by the Cup or Bowl. 2.99 / 3.99 Chips & Salsa Our spicy homemade masterpiece.  Served with warm tortilla chips. 3.99 Chile Con Queso Si Señor! It’s Wild! Our signature cheese dip served with tortilla chips.  With Chili add $0.30. 5.49 Grande Queso ¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! A bigger portion of our signature queso served in an edible bowl.  Add Spicy Taco Chicken & sour cream $1.00  Add Spicy Beef Taco & Sour Cream $1.00. 6.49 Guacamole Dip Serious South Of The Border stuff. Chunks of avocado, tomato..mmm 6.99 Mile High Nachos Topped with shredded lettuce, jalapeños, sour cream & salsa and cheese.  Add BBQ Chicken for $2.00 or add Chili for $1.50. 5.99 Ultimate Nachos A Mexican mouthful! Spicy taco beef, queso and pico de gallo topped with mixed cheese, black beans, corn, poblano peppers, lettuce, sour cream & salsa. 8.99 Chicken Quesadillas Chunks of marinated chicken, caramelized onions, peppers & two cheeses.  It’s great with homemade salsa & sour cream. Guacamole on request. 7.49 Veggie Quesadillas Black beans, corn, poblano peppers, caramelized onions, tomatoes, roasted peppers and two cheeses. Served with homemade salsa & sour cream, guacamole upon request. 7.29 The Fajita Mega-Dilla A meal for one...a snack for two. Fajita Steak or Chicken, black beans, corn, caramelized onions, mixed cheese and flame roasted peppers. The monumental stacked quesadilla!  For grilled fajita steak add $2.00.  9.99 California Chicken Soft Tacos Seasoned grilled chicken, guacamole, two cheeses, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce and our creamy southwest sauce served with our Fiesta Rice.  8.99 Baja Fish Soft Tacos Flaky white fish lightly fried & drizzled with honey lime cilantro marinade and topped with shredded cabbage, mixed cheese, pico de gallo & a tangy white sauce served with Fiesta Rice. 8.99 Fajita Steak Soft Tacos Fajita marinated grilled steak, our homemade queso, caramelized onions, flame roasted red and green peppers, pico de gallo & shredded lettuce and served with our Fiesta Rice. 8.99 Loco Shrimp Soft Tacos Honey lime cilantro marinated grilled shrimp, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce and cheese and served with Fiesta Rice. 8.99 Home Plates All American Chicken Platter Grilled chicken lightly brushed with Wild West marinade, sauteed mushrooms, crispy strips of bacon & smothered with melted cheeses. Served with Twice Baked Mash & steamed broccoli.  Try it with Ranchilada,™ Colorado Coppers or Honey Mustard!  Half Serving Only 8.99. 13.99 Boom Boom Chicken & Shrimp Crispy chicken breast and five fried shrimp tossed with our creamy sweet chile sauce atop our Bangin’ Cucumber Almond Rice.  13.99 Fiesta Chicken Platter Grilled chicken in our Santa Fe marinade, topped with queso & fire roasted peppers. Served over Fiesta Rice with a side of pico de gallo.  Try it with: Flying Fajita, Pollo Loco or Rajun Cajun!  Half serving available for $8.99. 13.99 Oriental Chicken Bowl Juicy chicken breast grilled with The General marinade and served over rice tossed with broccoli, almonds & shredded carrots. Try it with: Red Dragon, Ginger or Thai!  Half serving available for $8.99. 13.99   Ribs & BBQ Ribroarious™ Ribs & mouth-watering BBQ in any of our homemade sauces!  Full or Half Rack.  Served with two Exciting Extras. 19.99 / 13.99 Wings & Ribs Combo Half Rack & 8 Wings with Big Fat Fries. 19.59 The Big-B-Que Plate BBQ Beef Brisket, Pulled BBQ Pork & Pulled BBQ Chicken in any 3 sauces.  Served with Big Fat Fries & slaw. 15.99 Saucy Favorites Grilled Chicken Feathers Boneless, skinless chicken strips in any of our Wild Wing™ marinades! Served with fries or celery & bleu cheese dip.  Four or six piece serving.  One marinade for four piece, two marinades with the six piece. 6.29 / 8.99 Shrimp Skewers Five tender marinated shrimp grilled in any of our sauces!  Served with two Exciting Extras.  Served with two skewers add one skewer for $3.00. 8.59 Homemade Chicken Fingers Fresh chicken tenderloins dipped in our spicy homemade batter & fried.  Served with fries & honey mustard. Served with three fingers.  Add a couple more fingers for $2.00. 5.29 The 4 Chick Sampler 8 Wings, 8 Nuggets, 6 Chicken Feathers™ & 4 Chicken Fingers. Choose one sauce for each. Served with celery & bleu cheese, ranch & Honey Mustard. 24.99 No Bones About It Sampler 8 Nuggets, 6 Chicken Feathers™ & 6 Chicken Fingers. Choose one sauce for each. Served with celery & bleu cheese, ranch & Honey Mustard. 19.99 Tasty Trio Sampler 12 Wings, 8 Nuggets & 6 Chicken Feathers.™  Choose one sauce for each. Served with celery & bleu cheese or ranch. 22.99 Roasted Chicken Dinner Tender & juicy marinated chicken slow roasted with our own secret blend of spices, or basted in your choice of any legendary Wild Wing™ sauce.  Half Chicken or Whole chicken available.  Served with two Exciting Extras. 8.99 / 13.99 Golden Fried Shrimp 15 shrimp with jalapeño tartar sauce and two Exciting Extras.  11.59 Best Wings in the South! All wings are served with celery & our homemade bleu cheese or ranch dipping sauce.  Lots more celery & dip...1.00  Side of marinade, bleu cheese or ranch dip...50¢ 8 Piece 6.39 12 Piece 9.29 16 Piece 12.29 20 Piece 14.99 25 Piece Sampler 18.99 50 Piece 37.49